2019 AZOP Shorty’s Slammer Race Report

AZOP Shorty’s Slammer Highlights Tag Team Racing, Motocross in Blythe

2019 AZOP Rowley White RV Series, Blythe, CA November 2-3, 2019

Written by: Miller Truby

All images ©: Miller Truby

With most of the 2019 Rowley White RV Series in the books, racers were treated to a unique and mostly stress-free exhibition event at the always popular Shorty’s Sports Park in Blythe, California. With sponsorship from Winiecki Motorsports, Chaffin Farms, and Seiler Farms the AZOP staff were able to put on a slate of team races on Saturday (including a team night race for the UTV’s) followed by a full day of short-course motocross races on Sunday. The team races were headlined by a four-hour motorcycle grand prix on the highly varied 3+ mile course. Teams of up to three riders would take turns running the track and would tag each other in at will in the pit area. The quads and UTV’s would each run three-hour races with teams of up to two riders/drivers.

Though there were no points on the line, the various teams still came out to race and put on a show for the many fans who lined the fences around the infield section of the course. As was the case during the February race at Shorty’s, the track first snaked through the motocross track on top of the mesa before winding down into the sandy canyons and out into the desert washes at the back of the Shorty’s property. The long race format rewarded the most physically fit riders and punished everyone else; especially those who chose to take on the Ironman challenge. The track crew kept the motocross section nicely watered but the rest of the course couldn’t be hosed down between races, leading to heavy dust as the day wore on and culminating in the post-sunset UTV race where several drivers reported that visibility ended at the nose of their cars! Despite that, the night race was hugely popular for spectators and the racers seemed to enjoy the unique challenge as well.

The second day of the event also saw a totally unique format and took advantage of the truly excellent Shorty’s motocross course, with the focus solely on bikes and quads. Using a sort of pseudo-motocross format with each class running two 4-lap sprint races throughout the day. Riders were challenged to be fast right out of the gate in order to compete and the course rewarded those who were willing to hit ever double and rail every berm. The course was well-manicured throughout the day and seemed to inspire confidence in the riders as lap times decreased from race 1 to race 2 in many cases.

AZOP moves lakeside to Lake Havasu, AZ for the Havasu Havik Grand Prix for the final points race of the season (Bikes, Quads, and UTV’s) November 16th and 17th!

As always AZOP would like to thank all of the sponsors, staff, volunteers, racers, and spectators for making this another successful and fun weekend of racing.  For full race results, videos, and photos or to find out about upcoming events go to www.azopracing.com.

Saturday Motorcycle Results

Big Bikes

Expert: 1.) #006 Team Griffindor 2.) #67 KRG Racing 3.) #004 Team Cheezy Films Sportsman: 1.) #009 Team Luke and Kaden 2.) #011 Team Tripod 3.) #777 Team PDA Chumps Vet: 1.) #003 Team Havabrew 2.) #008 Team Cohen’s Crew 3.) #005 Team CWF Racing Ironman: 1.) #322 Team Wallace Racing 2.) #390 Prestin Vaughan Family: 1.) #002 Team G.M.B. 2.) #384 Team Dugi Mini: 1.) #001 Team Wonderbread 2.) #74 Team Andutco Racing 3.) #80 Team Johnson/Gilbert

Saturday Quad Results

Big Quads

Expert: 1.) #319 Team GT 2.) #420 Team Mexican’t Sportsman: 1.) #133 Team Jackson/Dearth 2.) #22 Team Dad Bod Racers 3.) #468 Team Phoenix Racing Ironman: 1.) #113 Anthony Razo 2.) #21 Ironman Eliminator

Saturday UTV Results

Big UTVs

Expert: 1.) #901 Team Top Box Racing 2.) #195 Team Brisco Motorsports Sportsman: 1.) #2004 Team Goad Racing Ironman: 1.) #904 Team Top Box DSD Racing 2.) #736 Team Krazy 3.) #909 Team TTT Racing

570cc UTVs

570cc: 1.) #42 Mia Lloyd 2.) #808 Chace Crawford 3.) #17 Vincent Riccitelli

170cc UTVs

170cc: 1.) #94 Taylor Bedoya 2.) #116 Erik Alvidrez 3.) #918 Isabella Ford

Sunday Motorcycle Results

Race 1

50cc 7-9: 1.) #18 Dane Millsaps 2.) #8 Kendall Schnore 50cc 4-6: 1.) #56 Carston George 2.) #214 Lariat Lawrence 3.) #156 Cayden George

Race 2

85cc Advanced: 1.) #911 Spencer Cyr 2.) #286 Travis McConnell 85cc Beginner: 1.) #48 Danny Baca 2.) #5 Jared Evans 3.) #74 Blake Gilbert 65cc Advanced: 1.) #2 Tristin Andrade 65cc Beginner: 1.) #9 Brooklyn Schnore 2.) #18 Dane Millsaps 3.) #73 Deeegan Enriquez

Race 3

250 Novice: 1.) #415 Tate Van Voorst 2.) #7 Derek Brisco 3.) #52 David Smith 250 Beginner: 1.) #1 Robert Walters Vet 30 Intermediate: 1.) #198 Travis Pease

Race 4

Open Novice: 1.) #53 Drew Farris 2.) #3 Chazz Gonzalez 3.) #7 Derek Brisco Open Beginner: 1.) #22 Mike Nicklaus 2.) #1 Robert Walters

Race 5

Open Intermediate: 1.) #198 Travis Pease 2.) #3 Chazz Gonzalez 450 Beginner: 1.) #10 Nick Mojica 2.) #186 Brandon McConnell Mini Open: 1.) #711 Hugo Rascon

Sunday Quad Results

Race 1

ATV Expert: 1.) #122 Robbie Northrop ATV Sportsman: 1.) #2 Damian Gutierrez

Race 2

Mini Quad: 1.) #715 Alina Lainez 2.) #830 Jason Vanhook 3.) #009 Harley Catron