2020 CODE W Auto Partes La Tetera Gran Prix

The 2020 CODE W Auto Partes La Tetera Gran Prix took place September 11th-12th in Tecate, Baja CA. Due to the Pandemic there hasn’t been any racing in Baja for the last six months. Alfonso LaCarra and the CODE Off-Road crew put on their third race in the 2020 season last weekend and they couldn’t be happier with how the event turned out. We asked Alfonso a few questions about the race and have 100 photos for you to enjoy.

RDC: Because of COVID-19 you had to cancel races that you had scheduled after your race in March.  What was it like working with the Mexican government trying to get permits for this race compared to getting permits before the pandemic?

Alfonso: We only lost our night race in June because of the pandemic. It was a lot of work. We started the permit process for this race more that 3 months ago in order to be ready in case the current situation allowed it, and it was safe to do so. We had to deal with many other agencies and authorities whom we do not normally deal with in order to put on an off road race. But everybody was very cooperative and willing to work together to make it happen. We all need to move forward keep safe and learn to live with this. 

RDC: What kind of safety precautions did you have to put in place to be able to make the race happen?

Alfonso: We had a live broadcast closed door drawing for start positions. No contingency, only registration and tech and no more than two people per team. We also had temperature checks, hand washing for sanitation, face masks and social distancing for anybody inside this area. We did not have an awards ceremony. 

RDC: How was the number of entries for this race compared to other races?  More or less?

Alfonso: We had slightly more entries, everybody was dying to hit the dirt again after 7 months but understandably some made the decision not to race for health and economic reasons. We respect that.

RDC: Do you feel like many people wanted to get back to racing in Baja?

Alfonso: Yes, I know everybody did.

RDC: What was the race format, multiple heats on a short course?

Alfonso: It was a Grand Prix race, several heats on a 20 mile course with registration on Friday Saturday and Sunday and cars raced Saturday and bikes on Sunday. This helped to spread out the racers in 3 days and not have large gatherings.

RDC: This was the third race in 2020. How many more races do you plan on having this year?

Alfonso: We have been working on our MEXLOG 300 race to be held in October and our Polaris Baja Mexicali to San Felipe race for some time now. We are planning to put them on pending permits and the Covid situation.   If it is safe to do so we will put on these races.

Alfonso and everyone at CODE wish to thank the Municipality of Tecate and the state of Baja California for working with them in order to make this race happen.

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Photos by Mauricio Ruelas