2020 SCORE Baja 500 – Returning to the United States Via the Mexicali West Medical Lane

2020 SCORE Baja 500 – Returning to the United States Via the Mexicali West Medical Lane 

Thanks to the support of Municipal, State and Federal Authorities, in coordination with SCORE International, race teams meeting the eligibility requirements will be able to use the Medical Tourism Lane at the Mexicali West border crossing as an option for returning to the United States in order to lessen the wait at the border.

Race teams who register up to five (5) vehicles with SCORE by Thursday, September 17th at 5pm will have access to the Medical Tourism Lane from 9:00 pm Saturday September 26th to 12:00 noon Sunday September 27th. All persons in the vehicle must be U.S. citizens. Persons eligible for passes are: Driver of Record, Rider of Record, Co-drivers, Co-Riders, Navigators, and Chase Team vehicles.

Passes are only for vehicles using normal Mexicali West border crossing. Commercial and oversize vehicles are excluded from this Medical Tourism Lane. All other Mexicali West lanes and other border crossing locations will be open per their normal hours of operation and require no special arrangements.

Teams are encouraged to complete race registrations by September 11th at 8:00pm. The deadline to request passes for utilizing the Mexicali West Medical Tourism Lane is Thursday, September 17th at 5:00pm. If you are a Driver or Rider of Record registering at the race as a walk-in entry, contact 702- 407-3059 to request permission to register your team members for Medical Tourism Lane passes.

SCORE is excited to provide this opportunity to race teams and we ask for 100% compliance with the requirements, process, and deadline. We will be submitting a list of all drivers and vehicle information to the border personnel so it is important the information be accurate. No changes to your request for passes can be made after the September 17th 5:00pm deadline. During on-site registration, Drivers/Riders of Record or Team Managers will be provided the exclusive Passes and instructions on how to get to the Medical Tourism Lane. The team is responsible for distribution of the passes. Due to COVID-19 Protocols, DO NOT send individuals to on-site registration just to pick up Medical Tourism Lane passes.

These passes are different than the vehicle parking passes issued for access to the controlled access areas at race site. DO NOT try to use the medical lane with the event vehicle parking pass.

The registration process to request vehicle passes will be similar to requesting a Medical Tourism Lane pass from a hotel. Starting Saturday, September 12th, you will go to the SCORE website, select Race Info, and then the Baja 500 logo. From the Baja 500 list of information, select Return to the US via Medical Lane. Select the box “Apply for Medical Tourism Lane Passes”. You will need Driver/Rider of Record name, number of vehicle/moto/quad entered in race, who will be the driver of the returning vehicle, year, make, model and license plate number of the vehicle. Answer all questions accurately. If the information you provide does not match the vehicle information entering the U.S., you will not be permitted to use the special lane when you reach the border.

One person from each team can register all five (5) vehicles, similar to entering co-driver, co-rider information on your race entry. Use the DOR/ROR name as the participant or yourself. If more than five (5) requests are received, only the first five (5) will be processed. If less than five (5) are requested that is the number of passes you will receive.

For questions or assistance with registering for Medical Tourism Lane passes, contact 702-407-3059. Registration will be busy processing your race entries and will not be available to assist you.

On-line Registration for the race continues through Friday, September 11th at 8:00pm. Again the deadline for requesting Medical Tourism Lane vehicle passes is Thursday, September 17th at 5:00pm.