2021 CODE Polaris Baja 275 Mexicali to San Felipe

Photos by Mauricio Ruelas

The 2021 CODE Off-Road race season finished off with the Polaris Baja 275 December 18th.  This final event is one that racers always look forward to as it takes them from the Laguna Salada dry lakebed near Mexicali 240 miles south to San Felipe.

The overall winner of the race was car 1019 driven by Alberto Mendez with a time of 4:12:24.  This was approximately 7 minutes faster than the top class 1, Armando Bravo, who finished with a time of 4:19:56.

The 1601 Vildosola Racing 1/2 1600 car driven by Roberto Romo finished with a time of 4:47:41 beating the 10 other cars in their class.

In UTV’s, 2903 Jessica Lopez won class 29 with a time of 4:41:06.  1997 Mario Gutierrez and Nick Almada took the class 19 win with a time of 5:00:14.

The fastest bike of the day was 1x riden by Hector Ayala, Maurri Herrera and Arnulfo Verdugo with a time of 4:51:49.

#52x Adrian Indusco had the fastest time of the day (6:05:23) out of the 5 different Ironman entries.

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