2021 EMPI Class 11 Showdown Highlights

2021 EMPI Class 11 Showdown Highlights

Highlights of the EMPI Class 11 Showdown at the 2021 Ultra4 Racing King of the Hammers.

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Like to invite all you Class 11s to a great race in February. It is the PURE HI-DEZ OFF-ROAD DEZERT SERIES, right where everything started over 50 years ago, in our beautiful Cal-City Dezert and at our BAR-Bs RANCH, just 10 minutes East from Cal City Blvd. - 138th & Proctor Blvd.
We have your class featured in this 250-mile, 6-lap race, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2021. Go to this link to get all details, flyer and entry form: Link:
Entry is only $450.00 with $200.00 of that going to your Payback Purse, and it is Fun-to-the- Max. Course easily accessible for assistance.


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