2021 SNORE Motion Tire 300

Story & photos by Nick Almada

Back to Ridgecrest for the first time since 2019 and with newly added race course sections it was due to be a fun and fast day! With over 70 entry’s, vast majority in the 1600 class, it was set to be a good competitive battle.

First class off the line was the Class 1 cars and rocketing to the front and never looking back was the 173 car of Richard Glaszczak with an overall time of 4:42:42. Hard fought second place was the entry of Jordan Dean in car 175 with a time of 4:57:51.

In the Unlimited Truck class it was the truck of James Dean and Kyle Craft in the number 2 Spec Truck that came out with the win with a time of 4:49:35 putting them 2nd fastest car overall.

In Class 10, it was the 1015 of James Ford that pulled away with the win with a time of 5:00:20. Just missing out on that top spot by just 5 minutes was the 1095 of Coltan Gubler that finished with a time of 5:05:56. And rounding out the top 3 was Justin Buckley in the 1064 with a time of 5:14:13.

With 20 entry’s in class 1600 it was going to be down to the wire all day, and it was Timothy Craig in the 1622 car that came out on top with a time of 5:23:26. With a time of 5:31:16 it was Mike Cole in car 1634 that pulled of a 2nd place.

The closest finish of classes was in class 6100. It was the truck of Nathan Martino in truck 6126 that pulled off the top spot with a time of 5:06:12 Just over Mike Frye in truck 6113 with a time of 5:06:27. Just 15 seconds!

Other notable finishes include 928 Nathan Vizzo who took first place with a time of 4:58:40 and James Hayward in car 1160 winning with a time of 4:49:11. Out of four 1450s, the sole finisher in class was Brett Magnussenin truck 1417 with a time of 6:18:57.

SNORE racing returns May 21-22 in Caliente, NV for the Weddle Industries 250!

Click here for race results.