Dos Mares 500, 100% Choyero Racing.

Just 2 days after NORRA ended Baja Sur had another surprise ready for us, we got an invitation from a few friends from Cabo and La Paz to stay a few more days to enjoy one of the most famous races in Baja Sur, the 2Mares 500, after seeing all the beautiful Baja chasing the Mexican 1000 we said “Shoot another race in Baja Sur, sounds like the perfect excuse to spend a couple more days here!”

Contingency started on Friday at noon, the weather was perfect and the location right at La Paz Malecón couldn’t be better. 2Mares race is the third of nine races in the 2016 Baja Sur racing season, also this year the different race promoters decided to join forces and create one big championship instead of smaller series here and there, this was reflected in the number of entries reaching around 200.

All the big names came to prove who’s the best in Baja Sur, names like Alejandro Abaroa, Rodimiro Amaya or Andrés Ruffo are among people’s top favorites to win the overall, other favorites are Gary and Chelsea Magness of Mango Racing and Eduardo Laguna unfortunately for Lalo the transmission in his Trophy-Truck blew while racing the Mexican 1000 canceling his participation at 2 Mares race.

2Mares 500 is a loop touching the Sea of Cortes first and then going all way across the peninsula to touch the Pacific Ocean, hence the name (Mares means Seas in english) and its only 300 miles long, 500 in the name refers to kilometers.

The race courses in baja sur are well known to be more “easy” than the usual craziness of Baja Norte, no big whoops sections like San Felipe for example, the racetrack here is more flat and technical with lots of fast sections where if you miss a turn you fall off a cliff, like the “Mechudo” section, probably the most famous race spot in Baja Sur.

DJI_0007-Editar (1)
El Mechudo, feature photo and this one provided by BajaFilmsMedia.

With only 300 miles to race, the fastest competitors took less than 5 hours to complete the challenge, Jaime Huerta of 175Racing took the overall with a time of 4:48:00 and Rodimiro Amaya took 2nd overall and the 1st place in his class with a time of 5:12:37, Chelsea Magness finished third overall, second trophy-truck in her class.

5 Differences between Baja Sur and Baja Norte.

  1. People from Baja Norte are Cachanillas, people from Baja Sur are Choyeros.
  2. Adobada Tacos in Baja Norte, Asada Tacos in Baja Sur.
  3. Flour tortillas are the way to go in Baja Sur.
  4. Tecate in Baja Norte, Pacifico in Baja Sur.
  5. Racing in Baja Norte is about toughness, Baja Sur is about speed.

Complete Results HERE

again race dezert , we won the overall and not even 1 picture ...... thanks