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2XL Games and TROPHYLITE team up for new off-road video game

Chandler Arizona

In a unique partnership the Phoenix based game developers at 2XL have inked a deal with TROPHYLITE the off-road race series to build a new game to be distributed on the I-tunes app store in early 2010. The third group in the partnership is BlackBox, an interactive media company who has a proprietary system that connects the video game to dynamic advertisements with real rewards. The BlackBox system will provide the series sponsors and advertisers the ability to display ads and logos in the game during play without interrupting game play and when players do well they can receive a real reward from the participants in the form of discount coupons or free products.

The new TROPHYLITE game will be the first game released with the new BlackBox SDK (software development kit) built in to facilitate the real rewards system to game play. The team at TROPHYLITE and 2XL have been working hand in hand with BlackBox to integrate the series sponsors and advertisers into the game and enhance the game play. The TROPHYLITE game will provide players with real rewards in several ways. Advertisers can have their logo and advertisement embedded into banners and hay bails in the game and when a player does well the advertiser can offer the player a real reward in coupon that they can download directly into a bar coded image on their phone that can be redeemed at retail locations. The player may also elect to have the coupons or redemption certificates e-mailed to them or may act immediately by moving to a landing page to redeem their real reward. When players redeem their real rewards the BlackBox SDK will then unlock new features that will make their trucks faster and better so they can be more competitive. ” We’re very excited TROPHYLITE chose the BlackBox SDK for their upcoming TROPHYLITE game. Our technology allows players to race and win real rewards just like racing for the real thing…additional our technology allows sponsors to finally measure the real impact of racing in dollars”. Said president of BlackBox Interactive Richard Cassey.

chamberland11100The game will be built to showcase and mirror the real race series showcasing the action and adventure of off-road racing. Within the game the team at 2XL will build tracks to mimic the real tracks that the trucks will race on and have the same races in the game as in the real world. The first event will be the Best in the Desert Parker 425 off road race in February. The game will have all of the 6 races that the TROPHYLITE trucks will run through the year, ending with the SNORE Laughlin Rage at the River hosted by Laughlin Nevada. Even the trucks in the game will look just like the real trucks that the teams own and race. “Doing a new game for TROPHYLITE seemed like a great way to give more to the sponsors and keep the TROPHYLITE brand on top of the pile of proposals. I cant wait for everyone to see how cool the 2XL guys have made things look and work. Plus where can you go get a game and play it to win money and prizes like this??? I think this will be a huge success. The teams love it and we can still get new trucks into the game if they are purchased before the first race in Parker in February to keep sponsors happy.” Commented Greg Foutz president of TROPHYLITE.

The guys at TROPHYLITE have built a grand plan to link the game play to the real world in a few other ways. Through the year as people play the game and win races in the game the play data will be tracked and the TROPHYLITE game series will have a champion crowned just like in the real race series. As people play the game on their mobile devices the lap times and race finishing data will be kept on the web servers and compared to the other players all over the world. At the end of the season the TROPHYLITE team will invite the top 25 players to a championship playoff party to have head to head battles to determine the TROPHYLITE game champions. Just like in real life the game players will battle for real rewards. Prizes will range from $50,000 in cash awards to the top 5 winners, TROPHYLITE truck rentals at real races, to participating sponsors products and apparel. The grand championship game party will be held in December of 2010 and the prizes and awards will be presented on site at the conclusion of the event.

TROPHYLITE is a spec off-road race truck that has its own General Tire TROPHYLITE race series for the off-road community. The TROPHYLITE trucks are spec trucks which means that all of the trucks must use the same parts and are heavily regulated to keep the costs in line. TROPHYLITE has been building and running the race series now for about 3 years and just crowned their most recent series champion Louis Chamberland. For more on TROPHYLITE please visit www.TROPHYLITE.com

2XL Games is a phoenix based game company who recently released the I-tunes hit game 2XL Super Cross earlier this year. The brain trust at 2XL has been responsible for other big games in the off-road genre like Motocross madness, Baja Edge of Control, and ATV off-road fury. For more on 2XL please visit www.2XLGames.com

BlackBox is a leader in video game advertising and creative media placement. The BlackBox SDk can be embedded into games of all types and styles to help promote products and services without the aggrevating advertisement that interrupts the game play. The BlackBox system is the only system that can provide the real rewards 1:1 connection from the client to the retail sales. For more please visit www.BlackBoxInteractive.com

2010 General Tire TROPHYLITE


Round #1

BITD Blue Water Resort and Casino Parker 425

Feb 4-7th – Parker Arizona

Round #2

SNORE General Tire Mint 400

March 25-28th – Las Vegas Nevada

Round #3

BITD Bilek Racing Silver State 300

April 23-25th – TBD

Round #4

SNORE KC HiLITES Midnight Special

July 29 – 31st – Ridgecrest California

Round #5

BITD Blue Water Desert Challenge

October 15-17th – Parker Arizona

Round #6

SNORE Laughlin Rage at the River

December 10-12th – Laughlin Nevada