3 Ways to Rally in 2020

Major Changes at Baja Rally in 2020
*2 New Categories For 2020
*Enduro-Comp-WPE  Open Arrow Waypoints
*Safari-Venture: Non-timed ADV-UTV Rally
*New “Hotel Hold” Policy For Racers
*4 School/Training Dates for Spring 2020
*Improved Deposit and Payment Terms
*Entries Period Opens New Years Day

ENSENADA BC, MEXICO- Baja Rally Powered by Rally Comp has announced plans for its 2020 edition with the launch of 2 new categories including Enduro-Comp (see below), a completely new way to race off road in Baja California-if not anywhere else in the world. In addition to the the elite Rally-Raid category that has been the cornerstone of Baja Rally’s first 7 years, the non-competitive Safari-Venture category is the 3rd general category created allowing access to more participants to enjoy the unique adventure of Baja California’s only competitive rally-raid but doing it in a shortened, safer and controlled environment. 

All of Baja Rally’s 3 categories are covered by and include the costs of Rally Comp device, satellite tracking and live timing and scoring (for competitors).

Enduro-Comp- It will be interesting because it is brand new.
The Rally Comp device and system have not been utilized to their full potential until now. Starting at 12 noon each day following the 7am start times of the Rally Raid Category, Up to 30 motorcycles and 10 UTVS will race without GPS, Roadbook, arrows, ribbons or other ground markers. Instead, each competitor will use their RALLY COMP device and will follow “open arrows” to specially programed WPE (waypoint eclipsed) at the exit of critical navigation points. Safety alerts before hazards and speed zone enforcement function of Rally Comp are fully utilized with Enduro Comp.

The purpose of Enduro Comp is to:
1) Utilize all the safety functions of Rally Comp to grow the sport of off-road rallies.
2) Continue to race in Baja in a low impact and safe manner
3) Share more of the work with racers interested in making the progression to Rally-Raid

Open to “street legal” SUVs, UTVs, Adventure Motorcycles & Dirt Bikes.
After years of research and feedback, Baja Rally is excited to offer and share something entirely new for the Jeep, SUV and overlander communities: an unprecedented opportunity to follow the Baja Rally on a non-competitive, parallel event concurrent with Baja Rally’s main event.

General Director Mauricio said the purpose of Safari-Venture is to share more of the unique routes the rally is known for and to involve more Baja lovers in the work the Baja Rally team completes to produce this specialized event each year.

“Rally-raid racing is growing slowly and still a niche market here in North America”, explains Parra, “We know there are so many people who love adventure touring in Baja and we are ready to include these clubs and groups in our event without the costs or risks of racing. We are inviting UTV’s, SUV’s and motorcycles to follow our event and to drive and ride safely over selected sections of the actual off road stage routes.”

Hotel Hold Policy
In an effort to streamline planning and logistics for racers and team managers, Baja Rally has implemented an orderly system for entrants to “hold” or block at least 1 hotel room (double occupancy) for each night that is during the Baja Rally without a deposit or full commitment. Entrants must select the Hotel Hold box at the time of payment checkout. During the month of August, all entrants who have chosen the “Hotel Hold” option will finalize their own bookings.

Improved Deposit and Payment Terms
As a means of improving the participant experience, BAJA RALLY has relaxed the refund policy to allow entrants to receive all or most of their deposit in the event the entrant must withdrawal. Additionally, any previous entrant who has withdrawn from any prior Baja Rally who forfeited their deposit will be invited back to Baja Rally with a 50% discount on their entire entry fee.

Stay tuned for bi-weekly updates on everything developing behind the scenes at Baja Rally 2020.

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Stay tuned for bi-weekly updates on everything developing behind the scenes at Baja Rally 2020.