3 weeks 6 races and 5 wins for Menzies Motorsports

Ricky Johnson sweeps Chicago

Bryce Menzies runs away with the Pro 2 points lead

Menzies Motorsports on their way to first ever SCORE Championship



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The start of September for Menzies Motorsports meant one of the busiest months of the year. 5 rounds of short course racing in the TORCseries and heading back down to San Felipe, Mexico to defend our points lead in the SCORE desert racing series. It takes a tough crew filled with dedication and drive to accomplish so much together and thousands of miles apart.


TORC Rounds 9&10 (plus round 6 make up) Crandon

The biggest race of the season takes place at “The Big House” also known as Crandon. With over 30,000 fans filling the grass hill that looks out onto the 1.5mile track and where trucks reach over 100 mph by turn one.  Race day started Friday with the annual parade in Crandon, which draws hundreds of fans that come to get a close up view of the trucks and mingle with their favorite drivers. As the paradewrapped up the trucks and buggies made their way to the track where racing quickly began.


Pro 2/Pro 4 and Pro Light

Bryce Menzies was standing second in points right behind Rob MacCachren going into Crandon and his goal was to come out of the weekend with the points lead. As round 6 started, so did the rain but this time track workers were ready for the weather and to make sure the track was safe to race on. Pro 2’s lined up for the land rush start and as 9 trucks made their way into turn one all 9 came out clean and with clean racing it was Jeff Kincaid taking the win followed by Chad Hord and then the #7 truck of Bryce Menziesfinishing out the top 3. “ We may not have won this round, but we are right where we need to be going into the rest of the weekend. With just a few changes in the truck I’m confident we can make it to the top.” Said Bryce Menzies. The Next two days of racing were just what Bryce needed as he raced his way straight to the top both days, putting on a good show for the fans while battling with local favorite Chad Hord and also taking on one of the slowest races in the history of Crandon where the rain was relentless and hundreds of pounds of mud weighed down the trucks. Bryce walked away from the weekend with 2 first place finishes and 1 third, not only catching up with the current points leader, but also passing him and capturing the point’s lead.


Pro 4 driver Ricky Johnson has been battling with last years Pro 4 Champion Johnny Greaves all season going back and forth on not only points but also race positions.  Crandon had another plan though not just for Ricky but also Johnny. As all three Pro 4 races got underway, it was Adrian Cenni who would dominate the weekend. Ricky fought hard and found himself on the podium for rounds 6 and 9 with third place finishes. Round 10 captured Ricky and Cenni battling for the first place position when misfortune would have its way and brought Ricky into the pits and unable to finish the race.  “ It wasn’t the best weekend for the #48 Menzies/Red Bull truck but we still have 4 more rounds to go and hopefully we can make it up there.” Said the disappointed Ricky Johnson.


Pro Lights took to the track with over 15 trucks for the 3 days of racing and it was out on the track that Luke Johnson showed fellow drivers what he is capable of. Coming out of turn 1 with little damage and pushing his way through a track that was changing everyday from being muddy and slippery to dry and dusty. Luke finished 5th in round 6 just behind some of the fastest drivers in his class. Rounds 9 and 10 however Luke was not able to make it to the checkered flag in the top 5 again but he put aside the bad luck and finished out Sunday’s race after having to pull into the hot pits to get the truck worked on. “My crew works extremely hard for me to be able to race and if I cant finish on top it doesn’t mean I am going to give up, I am going to push as hard as I can to get a finish not only for me but for the guys who got me here.” Said Luke Johnson.


SCORE San Felipe Challenge Of Champions

Thousands of miles away from Crandon but only one day after claiming 2 wins in his Pro 2, Bryce Menzies made his way from the cool weather of the Midwest to the hot desert of San Felipe, Baja Mexico where temperatures reached over 115 degrees. It was time to continue his battle in the #70 Menzies Motorsports/Red Bull Trophy Truck and protect his point’s lead. “I’m leading in points right now and it is crucial for us to get a great finish at this race to maintain the lead.” Said Bryce Menzies as hundreds of fans surrounded his truck to get stickers, pictures and autographs.


Not far behind in points is the same driver whom Bryce just took the points lead away from in the Pro 2 class of TORC Rob MacCachren. Fans from all around would be lining the course from start to finish and those that couldn’t be there in person would have to watch from their computers to see who would come out on top.


10th off the line Bryce Menzies and Co Driver Pete Mortensen started just nine minutes behind Rob who drew the first starting position. Having to follow in othersdust, Bryce knew it was important to get around those in front of him so hecould get to clean air but it wasn’t till around mile 24 that the chance came to gain positions. With the course opening up multiple lines, Bryce found his opportunity to pass Pete Sohren and found himself quickly catching Robbie Pierce but as the course went down to one line a clean pass could not be made. With the heat of the desert and humidity of the Sea of Cortez the crew decided to make an extra fuel stop at race mile 105 to get cool fuel into the truck so the chance of vapor-locking could be avoided. When race day came though temperatures dropped 20 degrees and a decision had to be made on whether or not to still stop at the added pit.  Having passed over 5 trucks the next move could set the tone for the rest of the race.


Pit 105 came up quick and Bryce decided to pull in, but what Bryce did not know was that coming up quickly were 3 trucks all battling to get to clean air. The crew finished fueling to get Bryce out before the trucks came by but as quick as he put the pedal down to go he found himself getting stuck in the soft desert sand. The Menzies crew quickly reacted and used the chase truck to pull him out but at this point it was to late and 3 trucks made their way in front of the #70 Truck. From there to the finish Bryce and Pete werestuck in the dust until coming up to their main fuel pit where they would get fresh BFG tires to take them to the finish. Passing broken trucks just miles away from the finish Bryce Menzies came to the finish line 3rd physically and also 3rd in time, just behind Rob and Gary Weyhrich. The Menzies, Red Bull, BFG, Fox Shox truck ran flawlessly and the Menzies team finished the race 5 minutes faster then they did in March. Bryce Menzies still leading in points will now prepare to take on his first ever Baja 1000 in November and race to the finish for the Championship, but not far behind him is Rob MacCachren also wanting to take home a Championship.


TORC Round 11 and Round 1 Make up Joliet (Pro 2 & Pro 4)

Just 2 days after returning from Mexico it was time to race short course again. The team headed just south of Chicago to Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, IL. Where they would be making up round 1, which got rained out in Red Bud, and then continuing the series with Round 11. The races took place the same week of Nascar, which would bring out many new fans to witness for their first time the “most punishing short course racing series on the planet!”-TORC


Pro Light/Pro 2 and Pro 4

Luke Johnson was ready to get back on the podium after a hard weekend in Crandon and for round 11 he finished practice with the second fastest time. Starting on the pole for Thursdays race gave Luke the perfectopportunity to runaway with a win, but with a stacked field of 19 trucks itwasn’t going to come easy. From the green flag dropping to the mandatory yellow Luke was staying within the top 5 and putting on a great race for the fans. At the restart Luke was running in second place next to RJ Anderson when along the backstretch and into turn 2 the underside of Luke’s truck engulfed into flames and quickly took over.  On his way to a possible podium finish Luke had to pull off the track and escape the flames as the safety crew arrived and put the fire out.  “Luke was doing so great and it is such a shame that he was not able to finish the race.” Said father, Ricky Johnson. Luke Johnson stands 10th in points right now and can hopefully make up a few more positions going into the last race of the season in Texas.


Qualifying 1st Bryce would be leading the Pro 2’s going into the green flag. After just a few fast laps though the #7 truck pulled to the side of the track with a damaged drive shaft. Running through the options with the crew they decided to continue the race and to just run slowly in the back. With many other trucks getting tangled up and broken this decision actually put Bryce in a good spot for Thursdays race where because of his 6th place finish Wednesday night he would get to start on the pole again for round 11. Even though Bryce did not get a win for the make up of round 1 he did walk away the with Oakley Bomb for fastest lap which now also puts him in the lead for total fastest laps of the season so far in the Pro 2 class.


After a cold and windy day of prepping the trucks, thewarmth of the sun fell behind the cornfields and the stands filled with fans ready to witness another night of fender to fender racing. Right after the Pro Light race on Thursday night the Pro 2’s rolled out onto the track with all the trucks and drivers to fight it out till the end in hopes that they could make it to the top of the podium, but it was the young Menzies in the Red Bull truck who took first place and ran away with it. Not even skipping a beat after the mandatory yellow, Bryce pulled himself away from the pack and ran a clean and fast race all the way to the checkered and claimed another win for Menzies Motorsports.


Ricky Johnson also qualifying 1st for Wednesday nights race set the pace for the Pro 4’s and made driving a Pro 4 look like a walk in the park. As soon as the green flag hit the air Johnson held his first place position after a good battle with Adrian Cenni and took that first place past half way and all the way to the finish. “I give it up to my team. They gave me the best truck out there. Now we’ll invert the top six for tomorrow night and you guys are really gonna see some great racing!” Said Ricky.


Thursday nights Pro 4 race was one for the books and all the drivers put on an amazing race, but it was Johnson and Greaves who the fanscouldn’t pull their attention away from. Mark Jenkins took the early lead and before he knew it Ricky and Johnny who started towards the back were right on his line and waiting for a clean pass. It was Ricky who took the lead away from Jenkins and held that lead to the mandatory yellow and gained one more point on Greaves. The trucks all lined back up for the restart and it was the Red Bull truck that took the lead again setting the pace. Not far behind though was Johnny Greaves and the racing that would take place between now and the finish had fans on their feet not knowing who would win. With contact that was made early in the race between Johnson and Jenkins causing a broken shock for the #48 Red Bull truck, Ricky had to be sure to stick to his lines, but it was in the rhythm section of the track that Greaves would gain on him. With only 5laps to go Johnny got by Ricky to take away the lead. Ricky didn’t give up and pushed the Menzies built truck harder than it has ever been pushed and was soon nipping at Johnny’s rear bumper. As Ricky passed the white flag and went into the turn one sweeper, the BFG’s hooked up even harder and pulled Ricky right around Johnny to take back first place and maintained the lead straight to the top of the podium.


Up next for Menzies Motorsports will be the final two rounds of TORC at the Infamous Cycle Ranch Motocross Park in Floresville, Texas. October 15th and 16th will determine who walks away with the championships and that is where the Menzies team will leave it all on the track, with Bryce Menzies leading in the Pro 2 points and Ricky Johnson only 4 points behind Johnny Greaves this will be one race you will not want to miss.


Along with the excitement of sweeping the Pro 4 class in Chicago and Bryce taking home 3 wins in September, the first ever live coverage of TORC aired for Thursday night’s race on Speed. With Luke leading in the Pro Light race, Ricky Dominating the Pro 4’s and Bryce stealing the early lead in the Pro 2’s, it was the Menzies Motorsports/Red Bull team that stole the show. Along with being live on TV the excitement also continued when AMA Supercross Champion James Stewart took to 4 wheels for the first time ever and quicklytook to the Menzies Prepped Pro Light. Fans lined the Menzies pit to check out Stewart’s truck and shake hands with the Red Bull Athlete. Stewart finished Thursday race in a respectable 6th place and walked away with the 3rd fastest lap time. “He’ll (Stewart) get better quick. He’s got a lot of things on his side that lend themselves to short course off-road racing.” Said Menzies driver, and also AMA Supercross Champion Ricky Johnson.