4130 Clothing – RDC Tested, RDC Approved!

I recently was given the chance to check out some of the new gear that 4130 has been putting out. There are not any other specific clothing brands dedicated to “off-road” so it was a good chance to check out this brand and see if it was really worthy of being the brand of off-road. 4130 is based out of Vista, CA and I was able to meet up with Evan Serling and he offered up some of his product for review. He wanted to make sure that the clothes were put to the proper test including wearing them in brutal desert conditions. I wasn’t sure how the clothes would hold up because being out in the 100+ degree sun all day can be quite hard on clothes itself. Now mix in silt, mud, and all the dust of the desert and that can be a killer to clothes.

One of the first items I tried out was the “Householder TT Blue Print” shirt.

This shirt is a unique design because it shows a trophy truck without the body on it and describes a few key points on the truck. I did get a few people asking me what kind of car that was on my shirt while I was out wearing it and I was able to tell them about off-road racing. After wearing the shirt and washing it multiple times the colors today seem just as bright as day 1!

Another item I tested out was their “Coilover Windbreaker”.

I actually wore this item several times and even to a 24 Hours of Lemons race in Houston, TX where the weather was super cold one minute and then hot the next when the sun would come out from behind the clouds. The windbreaker was just enough material to keep me warm when it was cold and I could even leave it on when the sun came out since its not a super heavy jacket. Oil and grease deffinetly got on the jacket that trip and yet today you would never know!

For the winter time I was given a “Letner Class 1 Long Sleeve” shirt to try out.

This shirt is one of my favorites because it has a full map of the Baja peninsula on it. The Baja 1000 is my favorite race and wearing this shirt makes you think about all the good times in Baja! Having worn this at multiple races in the cold and softball games I can say it has been tested and I approve. The shirt quality is awesome and it holds up great in the toughest of environments. The colors on the shirt still have their brightness and it has no holes or rips even after being slid in the dirt several times.

One of the best parts about the shirts is that there are no tags on them, they are printed on the shirt its self so there is no need to worry about having that nagging tag scratching your neck the whole time you are wearing it. The shirts did not seem to shrink much with washing either so I would suggest buying the size that you normally wear and not a size bigger thinking it will shrink a bunch.

4130 Clothing has been RDC tested and APPROVED and can definitely hang with the best of the clothing companies out there!

Be sure to check out their website for more awesome apparel and ordering information: