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68 Chevy Truck by Belden

When Belden started his venture building the ultimate prerunner in 1991 he would never have thought owning the head-turner he drives now. A couple of weeks ago we had an opportunity to meet the owner behind this nice 1968 Chevrolet shortbed truck. It turned out that Belden bought a lowered sleeper truck with a straight six and 3 speed manual in 1991. The price was right and the title changed owners. Right away Belden thought about off-road and swapped the front suspension in favor of a ’87 Chevy stock a-arm unit running big-block springs, Rancho 9000 shocks all the way around and 1 ton coil in the rear. Keep in mind that the ’68 Chevy ½ tons came with coil springs and some form of 4 link in the rear. The stock sixer engine and tranny went out the door to be replaced by a 350-v8 and th350 combo. This setup served for various preruns and general playing in the desert until late 1995 when it was time to step up. This is when the truck shaped to what it is today.

Garry Keller with Tubular Motorsports fabricated the gage bumper to bumper, the huge center mounted a-arms in the front and the entire interior in one 4 month shot. Since the stock rear suspension used every inch of its travel the stock panhard bar offered a very unpredictable ride. The rear axle kept moving sideways. This called for an upgrade and a proven 62” leaf spring replaced the stock. To save weight and make room for the now wider front suspension fiber was needed, but where do you get ’68 glass fenders when everyone out there runs Rangers? Belden teamed up with a friend that was in the same situation and spend the coin to make molds. The Hood is an off the shelf item. At this point it has all the goodies every good prerunner should have. It reads like the who is who off racing parts manufacture. We’ll spare you the details right now, simply read the spec sheet below.

In December of 1999 Belden performed the latest upgrade. To keep up with the powerful front suspension the rear needed to get upgraded. Dana Cote at RAW Motorsports of Temecula, CA set our lucky Owner up with a nice 3 link suspension. A 40 spline Cone rear axle is what transfers the power to the ground

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Belden Alivio’s prerunner can be seen at various MDR races since he chases for Pechansky Brothers Racing and S+S Motorsports. Look him up to say hello and check this bad puppy out up close and personal.

Owner:Belden Alivio, Venice, CA
Builder:Garry Keller of Tubular Motorsports Dana Cote of RAW Motorsports, Temecula, CA
Wheel Base:
Track Width:
Front Suspension:18 inch of travel 3 inch Kuster coil-over shock, dual spring rate 4inch Fox Air-Bumpstop
Rear Suspension:24 inch of travel 3 link type with upper wishbone and beefy lower trailing-arms 16 inch Kuster coil-over and 18 inch Kuster 2 stage by-pass shock

Chevrolet 350 cid V8, 9.5:1 Compression Performer RPM Intake, Holly 650 cfm Carburetor, Engle Cam, Hooker Headers

Transmission:TH400 manual, reverse shift pattern, build by Steve Culhane
Fuel Cell:55 gallons tank build by RAW
Steering:Lee Saginaw Steering box and Pump, 2:1 Quickener 1 2/3 turn lock to lock
Tires35 inch Goodyear Wrangler
Wheels15×7 American Racing Wheels with Champion Beadlocks
Nets and Belts:Simpson