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A “BIG” Move for Robby Gordon & SPEED Energy

March 15, 2012 (Charlotte, NC) – What is another form of racing that Robby Gordon can mark off his impressive list of racing series?  If you guessed monster trucks, you guessed correctly.   Robby Gordon Motorsports and SPEED Energy have formed a partnership with BIGFOOT 4×4, Inc., owner of the most well –known monster truck in the United States.

NASCAR and Off-Road racer, Robby Gordon, and BIGFOOT 4×4, Inc. have entered into a multi-year agreement beginning with the 2012 season.   The addition of the monster truck, built at Gordon’s race shop in Charlotte, NC, will be the nineteenth chassis in the line-up of BIGFOOT trucks.

Gordon’s energy drink company, SPEED Energy, will be the co-primary sponsor of the monster truck.  “This partnership with BIGFOOT 4×4, Inc. is a big step for our company.  It opens the door to market SPEED Energy to a new demographic.  Being featured as a sponsor on the truck is just one element to the relationship, we will also be selling SPEED Energy/BIGFOOT #19 diecasts, t-shirts, hats and other merchandise,” says Gordon.    During the first year of the agreement the monster truck will be used primarily for display purposes.  From there the truck will participate in events, with the possibility of Gordon being behind the wheel.  “I’m excited about the opportunity to drive the SPEED Energy/BIGFOOT #19 monster truck.  We built the truck a few years ago and we’ve played around with it, but actually competing in events would be a lot of fun,” Gordon remarks.

“We are really looking forward to teaming up with Robby and Speed Energy! Robby and Bob Chandler go back to the early days when both teams were Ford sponsored. Robby’s dynamic outlook and his racer’s mentality fit right in with the BIGFOOT way of life!  Be on the lookout for a whole line of Robby Gordon’s Speed Energy/BIGFOOT #19 merchandise,” says Bob Trent, Vice President of Sponsorships  & Business Development at BIGFOOT 4×4, Inc.


ABOUT SPEED ENERGY – SPEED Energy is available in four flavors: Ethanol, Unleaded, Fuel and Octane, which provide the human machine with the fuel it needs to keep up with the SPEED of life.  Each drink contains a potent blend of B-vitamins, caffeine, taurine and ginseng.  SPEED, packaged in 16 ounce cans, is available in singles, 4 packs, and cases.  SPEED Energy is available at major retailers, convenience stores, grocery stores, bars and nightclubs.  For a retailer near you, please visit www.speedenergy.com.


ABOUT BIGFOOT 4X4 INC. – Since its inception in 1975, BIGFOOT, The Original Monster Truck®, has gone on to achieve worldwide notoriety, and spawned an entire family of BIGFOOT® monster trucks that have pioneered the growth of the monster truck industry.  Created by St. Louis-area contractor Bob Chandler and his wife Marilyn in 1975 as a promotional tool for their Midwest Four Wheel Drive business, the BIGFOOT fleet has captured 30 National Championships, set numerous world records, and travelled to over 26 countries.  In 2009, BIGFOOT was named one of the “Top 5 Marketing Vehicles of All Time”.  Since 1975 over 20 BIGFOOT vehicles have been constructed, and today the team campaigns eight (soon to be nine) BIGFOOT monster trucks full-time in North America, in addition to one BIGFOOT truck based full-time in England.  The team expects to average over 900 appearance days starting in 2012, and will achieve in excess of 30 million impressions each year.  Visit the team online at www.bigfoot4x4.com.  

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  1. It was such a positive inspirational moment meeting robbie gordon after watching him live at the mint 400 offroad 2012 in wich he won. Now ive learned of the19th chassis bigfoot im becoming a great fan how cool is that. Best of luck to robbie and the speed team at the dakar ralley.

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