A Dozen Questions with Jesse James

RDC: Many people thought you are a one hit wonder. What made you want to race again?
Jesse: Well the itch has always been there. I had other more important stuff like tending to my firearms business. I also spent 5 years on the crew of my wife Alexis DeJoria’s Nitro Funny Car. Rebuilding motors every single round for 24 races a Year didn’t leave much time for TT Racing. She retired last year so I took some time to get the team back together. Then I just woke up one day a couple weeks ago and said “time to go racing”. Just like that.

RDC: Some of the Good Old Boys in racing feel any newcomer ought to humble up and start in a limited class and slowly rank up. How do you counter that pov?
Jesse: I did!!! I raced one race in one of Todd Clements Baja Challenge car’s. Then I got passed by Robby and said I need Trophy Truck.

RDC: Is your old trophy truck still competitive?
Jesse: ShiiiiiiT the older trucks are always the fastest. They are “seasoned” like the Rivera TT and Robby’s Truck.

RDC: After The Hammers can we expect to see you back in the circuit of desert racing?
Jesse: Yes I will probably run Vegas to Reno and the 500 and 1000.

RDC: Dakar. Ever contemplated racing ? Or are we just instilling ideas now?
Jesse: I feel like that is where I am headed. Just wish we could race TT’s down there.

RDC: One racing highlight over the years that makes it worth while?
Jesse: I think winning a really difficult race in in Texas the Chupacabra 300 was a big one. Let me know I can hold the lead up front and not make dumb mistakes.

RDC: One racing low point you want to share and how did you recover from it?
Jesse: The low point was getting hit in the Monster Garage TT from behind by Tim Herbst. Bent the rear of the frame really bad and knocked us out of the race. Let down the build team that worked very hard to put that TT together. It taught me a very valuable lesson. I try to pass everyone clean and not be someone like Tim. Funny thing about it he lied after the race and said he didn’t do it. Then a friend overheard him in a bar bragging about it. All I can say is you reap what you sow.

RDC: UTV’s are the newest buzz in racing and the last Baja 1000 showed how far they have come. Do you see them as golf carts or legit race vehicles?
Jesse: I need to try one.

RDC: Share one speed secret with us? (One liner that you feel gives you an edge… but you are willing to share with all)
Jesse: PreRun and PreRun some more. Stay calm and never drive emotional.

RDC: In the context of racing what advice would you give yourself if time travel would be a current reality?
Jesse: Should have got a Geiser to start with, sorry Danny.

RDC: Will we ever see your kids follow your foot steps in racing?
Jesse: At her request Sunny my youngest just got a Jeep for her car. And now wants to lift it.

RDC: Does your wife Alexis have any interest in desert racing? Possibly co-driving with you?
Jesse: Yes she does. And she’s way better looking than Smitty.

Jesse will be racing this week at the Toyo Tires Desert Invitational at King of the Hammers. Click here to watch it live Thursday Feb 7th.