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A long awaited race finally happened, Mike’s Peak Challenge.

The Mike’s Sky Ranch is a place that required no presentation among off-roaders in Baja, since a lot of years ago, the idea of “who get to the Mike’s first” has been just an idea, until now. Bryce might thought about it first, but Robby Gordon with help of their SST infrastructure put together the first edition officially of the Mike’s Peak Challenge, edition in honor to Robby’s dad, Baja Bob, this are the highlights:

mikes_peak_challenge_2016-0178In Memory of the Legend, Bob Gordon.

mikes_peak_challenge_2016-0170This is the first time the SST vehicles touch Baja land, we have the feeling will not be the last.

mikes_peak_challenge_2016-0186Toyo Tires is one of the favorites weapons of Robby to tackle Baja.

mikes_peak_challenge_2016-0194The Lopez family with two Trophy-Trucks were the local heroes at the event. Juan Carlos Lopez took two third places and one first meanwhile Apdaly couldn’t catch him this weekend.

Ultra4 with Shortcourse tires, enough said.

Robbie Pierce gave some good show to the fans who came to see the event.

The Mike’s dirt road is beautiful at every angle.

This event showed the capabilities of the SST trucks, stadium or not this machines are 100% capable to be fast.

mikes_peak_challenge_2016-6Sheldon Creed keeps proving his talent behind the steering wheel. This kid will go places.

Why we didn’t have this kind of racing before?

JT Taylor wasn’t joking when he put those tires, he was making times below the 19 minute mark in positions just below Apdaly Lopez.

mikes_peak_challenge_2016-2That suspension travel.

mikes_peak_challenge_2016-0313UTV’s like Artic Cat and Polaris also made it to the challenge.

mikes_peak_challenge_2016-0180Robby’s notes. During the weekend, Robby took two of three wins during the weekend.

Baja Bob’s Mike’s Peak Saturday Race 1 Results:
1. Robby Gordon – 17:08
2. Sheldon Creed – 17:29
3. Juan Carlos Lopez – 17:59
4. Apdaly Lopez – 18:02
5. J.T. Taylor – 18:40
6. Robbie Pierce – 18:57
7. Gerardo Iriebe – 19:08
8. Danny Stinson – 21:08
9. Nick Tonelli – 21:10
10. Myles Wyatt – 21:31
11. Melanie Diaz – 23:50
12. Eyam Joyner – 27:01
13. Lyle Tonelli – 28:18
14. Matt Brabham – DNF
15. Todd Romano – DNF
16. Steve Bechard – DNF

Race 2 Results:
1. Robby Gordon – 16:51
2. Sheldon Creed – 17:13
3. Juan Carlos Lopez – 17:49
4. Apdaly Lopez – 17:51
5. Matt Brabham – 18:27
6. Robbie Pierce – 18:50
7. Todd Romano – 19:54
8. Gerardo Iriebe- 20:07
9. Nick Tonelli – 21:11
10. Myles Wyatt – 21:15
11. Steve Bechard – 21:27
12. Danny Stinson – 21:47
13. Melanie Diaz – 23:32
14. Eyam Joyner – 24:41
15. JT Taylor – 45:35



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