A note from Jonah Street

A note from my good friend Jonah Street:

Hello Riff Raff!

Things are kickig into high gear now..  the race starts in a little more
than 2 months.  Jonah is training a lot, and the bike is looking good..

Here’s some of Jonah’s training regime, in his own words:

“I have been training very hard and starting to do things in my workouts
that I haven’t done since 2001. Now that my base is set these next 70 some
days will be spent fine tuning things. Here is a list of goals that I have
set for myself.

1. Ride four hours in the mountains and never take my feet off the pegs.
2. Run the ridge up and down. (1300′ up in 2 miles)
3. Be able to pick up the rally bike 25 times in a row.
4. Make 750 more miles of rally route and ride them.
5. Make a least 150 miles of compass heading only routes.
6. Mid November ride: 16 days, 6 hours a day.
7. Stay married”

April (aka Mrs. Street) pointed out that the last one should probably be
the first one…”