A Summer Classic, RECORD Ensenada-San Felipe 250

RECORD is proving once again that they have everything it takes to have a great time racing in Baja. The Ensenada-San Felipe 250, with more than 230 entries, is becoming a favorite amongst the racers in Baja. This year’s contingency was held outside Pueblo Antiguo on the opposite side of the Miguel Hidalgo Memorial and by 8pm, the place was packed and the party was on.


The racers left from Pueblo Antiguo and drove as a parade from downtown Ensenada, 20 miles east to the city Piedras Gordas to get the green flag where the real action started. Some entry numbers from the race: 20 entries in Class 5/1600, 15 entries in Class 7, around 20 entries in Classes 12 and 16 each and more than 30 entries in Class 11, making a huge statement that off-road is alive and well in Baja. The racecourse this year was pretty much the same as last year; 210 miles starting in Ensenada and hitting some of the favorite race sections like Ojos Negros, Km77, the Goat Trail and the San Matias whoops, finishing below the arches of San Felipe.

While chasing the race, our truck started to have overheating problems. The downtime was the perfect excuse to warm up some burritos. Unfortunately, we missed a couple of race trucks waiting for our truck to cool down but we did have a pretty good race lunch. Once the truck cooled down, we continued our chase duties with no other issues.

The race has a midway stop when it hits Trinidad Valley. The clock stops and the race teams have an hour to take the green flag again in San Matias. Some race teams put the race cars on trailers and unloaded them in San Matias to ensure there is less chance of having an incident on the highway.

The overall winner in Bikes was Francisco Septíen with a time of 4:11:49 and Jesus de la Torre in his Class 12 with a time of 4:26:08. The Class 12 winner beat the open class vehicles by almost 20 minutes. Jose Ruvalcaba, Class 16 came in second with 04:32:48 and Tavo Piñuelas was the third overall vehicle in a Class 12 with a time of 04:33:11. Class 11 had the biggest number of entries. Noe Gutierrez, Ramón Bio and Adrían Navarro took the podium in one of the fiercest battles of the day. Noe won the race finishing 30 seconds ahead of second place Ramón Bio.

Unfortunately, #720 TCM Motorsports current champion in RECORD had a crash when trying to pass another driver. The co-driver, Jose Carlos Durazo lost his life during the accident. One thing that makes Off-Road racing what it is, is the closeness with death. We race, spectate and shoot these events knowing that we are in danger but it is part of what we do. Motorsports are dangerous in general and the best thing we can do is to be as safe as possible. For those people who have lost a friend or loved one doing this, we need to remember they passed away doing what they loved to do.

This article is in memory of Jose Carlos Durazo. Drive in Peace.

The complete winners list you can find it in this link.

Open Class
#74 Ryan Rodenberger, 04:47:40

Class 10
1006 Salvador Torres, 04:41:24

Clase 12
1211 Jesus de la Torre, 04:26:08

Class 16
1602 Jose Ruvalcaba, 04:32:48

Class 7
701 Gustavo Salazar, 04:47:50

Clase 8
803 Alberto Gomez, 06:03:41

Class 5/1600
551 Salvador Carrillo, 05:03:53

Class 7sx
721 Oscar Solaiza, 05:01:59

Class 5
501 Mario Estrella, 05:55:21

Class 14
1497 Fausto Moreno, 04:58:34

Class 18
1803 David Martinez, 06:56:08

1903 Rodolfo Rivera, 06:50:43

Class 11
1102 Noe Gutierrez, 05:38:20

1505 Christyan Samano, 05:13:57

S99 Ricardo Rodriguez, 05:58:05

Motos Pro
6x Francisco Septíen, 04:11:49

Motos SPT
471 Arnulfo Verdugo, 04:41:46

1A Juan Pablo Gonzalez, 05:07:11

Q2 Guillermo Berenguer, 05:20:34

ATV Safari
N1 Israel Jimenez, 06:01:36


no tendras fotos del ganador del overall???
Nice shots!