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We Provide a Platform for Off-Road People to Share Ideas


In the early 1990s new to life in America I discovered my love for desert racing. After attending my very first offroad race in Laughlin, Nevada I knew that I absolutely will be a part of this culture. Experimenting with pure race fan, pit support crew and failed attempts at building my own 1st competitive offroad race car I found my place in starting an online community in 1999. The intention was to provide a platform of communication for desert racers. A place where a racing newby fanboy like myself can exchange ideas safely with the heros of our sport. That is what race-dezert.com is. A platform for offroad people to communicate authentically, safely and secure online.  -Klaus Rasch (founder of race-dezert.com)

I first discovered off-road racing in the 80’s watching the Mickey Thompson stadium series. I quickly became a fan of Toyota trucks, Ivan Stewart and started watching desert races like the ESPN shows hosted by Bob Bower and Dave Despain. My first truck in high school was a 1983 Toyota 4×4 and a few years later I met others in my area that were into desert racing. One weekend we drove down to Barstow to watch a La Rana race and I was hooked. I started building 1982 2wd Toyota as a prerunner which quickly snowballed into a 7s and I started racing MDR and VORRA races with friends. That truck evolved into a class 7 over the years and I raced it until around 2001/2002. While racing we met Klaus and Paul who ended up chasing for us. They started RDC in 1999 and I first got involved by helping with some design and stickers for the website. In 2001 I created the first Dezert People video with Klaus and also Nicole from Total Chaos. 20 years later many DP and RDC videos have been produced and I am excited to be involved in off-road racing and watch it’s evolution. -Curtis Guise


Race-dezert.com adheres to a set of core values. We thrive towards aligning all of our actions with these values.

  • Authentic We do what we publish. Never pretend what we are not.
  • Safe  Allow off-roaders to express themselves via words and images without fear of annihilation from within the community. Our visitors personal data is never shared with 3rd parties. 
  • Secure  Our community is resilient to threats of any kind. 
  • Free Speech  We believe in the expression of ideas popular or unpopular. As long as the speech is respectfully presented our moderators will honor any such posts. Hate speech is not speech we hate. 

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