The Adventure Begins for El Martillo Racing –

The Adventure Begins for El Martillo Racing

El Martillo Racing Dakar PR

December 27th 2014. Taking off from the team’s headquarters in Los Cabos, Baja, Mexico, El Martillo Racing has started it’s 2nd Dakar Rally adventure departing to Mexico City to stay overnight and then fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The team will arrive to Argentina late Sunday 28th to spend the last days of 2014 previously to the “Grand Departure” January the 4th.

After becoming the first car team with Mexican crew to finish the Dakar Rally in Valparaiso, Chile last January, El Martillo Racing is confident of the improvements made to the race car and the capabilities of the pit crew to seek for a better result.

The 9,000 kilometers of this year’s Dakar will be for sure a huge challenge to accomplish, but we feel ready for it.

Excited and a bit nervous, but at the same time feeling strong and full of good vibes.

May the challenge begin!

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