AGM Story Time – Justin Lofton “I PEED In Some Guys Radiator” in Baja

AGM Story Time – Justin Lofton “I PEED In Some Guys Radiator” in Baja

Prerunning down in baja is a magical thing. Scouting racecourse, eating tacos and hopefully slowing down long enough to enjoy the incredible scenery. Justin Lofton is no stranger to the peninsula, and its mystic. While pre running Justin and his navigator ran across a father son duo coming to Ensenada from Cabo San Lucas…via dirt. Their pickup was running low on coolant and Justin was running low on gas, a trade was in order. With no water on board, Lofton and his passengers all took turns peeing in the radiator to get them on their way. In trade for that precious pee, Justin received 5 gallons of fuel to make it to their chase truck. Racing is about the adventure, it’s about pushing your limits as a person, learning, adapting and growing and if you don’t, Baja will send you home with your tail tucked between your legs.

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Aug 28, 2012
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I remember this story. It was the 2013 Baja 1000. It was right after those nasty silt beds. It was late at night and very dark. I felt bad for the dad and son but they were in great spirits about it all. The radiator fan blades had all broken off and overheated the engine. You know how hard it is to stand on top of the front of a truck and pee into a small radiator opening with a flash light and your friends looking at you? It was cold night. jajaja. I believe we used a bottle after the first try. We also found some Australian dirt bike racers camping and we bought fuel off them just to find the highway and Catavina (where the broken box truck was) 5 miles later. Good times. I think I have pictures of that night. Documentation!!! hahahah!