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All German Motorsports – Jimco BMW X6 TT

All German Motorsports
Builder: Jimco/AGM
Chassis: Jimco AGM X6 2012
Weight: 4500lbs (2050kg)
Wheel Base: 128″ (325cm)
Track Width: 77″ (236cm)
Front Suspension: A-Arm, 25″ (64cm) Travel, Meziere Enterprises Hubs and Spindles, Eibach Springs, Fox 2.5 Coil-over / Fox 3.0 by-pass, AGM suspension sliders, ORW limit straps
Rear Suspension: Four-link, 32″ (82cm) Travel, Meziere Enterprises Hubs and Spindles, Eibach Springs, Fox 2.5 Coil-over /Fox 3.5 Bypass, AGM suspension sliders, ORW limit straps
Engine: V8 Prototype engine, 750HP/400 lb. TQ; built and tuned by Danzio Performance, Custom engine plates and serpentine pulley set from Meziere Enterprises
Transmission: Fortin FRST4, 4 speed sequential w/ TCS torque converter
Fuel Cell: 90 Gallon Fuel Safe cell
Ignition: Life Racing F-88 Control unit, Life Racing PDU-32, Motec Race Dashes w/data logging. All units programmed by Danzio Performance
Tires: 37×12.50×17″ BF Goodrich Baja TA KR’s
Wheels: 17’ Method Racing
Body/Paint: RCP designed BMW X6 body, built by McGrath Fiberglass, painted by Collisions Plus
Seats/Belts: Recaro Profi SPA seats, Schroth Racing 5 point latch and link harnesses
Brakes: Alcon 6 piston Calipers with 14” rotors
Wiring: Wire Fab
Lights: Baja Designs – Fuego, La Paz, Stealth and squadron lights
Communication: Avcomm/Kenwood
Navigation: Lowrance 9200c
Website: www.allgermanmotorsports.com
Extra: Off Road Warehouse bags, extinguishers, tow strap. K&N prototype air filtration system built by Zoom Factory, Remus Performance Exhaust, ID Designs Rear End Housing, Fortin Third Member, C&R Radiator, Setrab coolers.

Interview Armin Schwarz:

Question: “Armin, the time has now come for the AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE Trophy Truck to be unleashed. How exciting is that?”

Armin Schwarz: “Unbelievably exciting. But I’m even more looking forward to testing the vehicle. The truck runs very quietly, just like the WRC cars I used to drive. We did a great deal of work on the geometry and on the pivot points of all axles. It seems almost like a hybrid between a buggy and trophy truck. It’s very agile and manageable, but still it demonstrates excellent resilience in tough terrain – and that’s exactly what a SCORE Trophy Truck should have.”

Question: “How long did it take from the first drawings to the premiere of the Trophy Truck?”

Armin Schwarz: “Martin and I drew up the first plans back in mid-2009 when we were both feeling frustrated at having to start behind all the SCORE Trophy Trucks. In June 2010 the first drawings were completed. We then developed the first components. But only when we sold our very successful Class One Buggy to Australia after clinching overall victory at the 2010 Baja 250 and a superb racing season could we concentrate totally on our Trophy Truck project. That was in November 2010.”

Question: “When can we see the Trophy Truck in action for the first time?”

Armin Schwarz: “Our first race is in November this year at the Baja 1000. But, we don’t have any race strategy whatsoever. For us it’ll be more a major test outing, perhaps the biggest test that you can possibly put a race car through. Martin, our team and I all think that we can conduct test kilometres in a competition environment. Our partners support us wholeheartedly and they know that we’ll be going for victory in 2012.”

Question: “What will now become of the AGM Buggy with which you were so successful in the US SCORE Championship to now? And how does your crew line-up look for 2012?

Armin Schwarz: “Martin sold the Buggy to a successful racer from the Australian Offroad Championship who is very happy with the car. For 2012 we are obviously planning some important steps in further developing the truck. And we will also work on the reliability because that’s the most crucial factor if you want to win. And we have many other innovative ideas in mind, but we won’t share these ideas for the time being.
Moreover, AGM still has another Class One Buggy with which Armin Kremer was so successful in the last years. I don’t want to say too much about that either – but I will say this: Armin is in the AGM team and he’ll be staying there. We have a great time together and Armin is a fighter. He complements our team very well.”

Question: “What are your goals for the 2012 season?”

Armin Schwarz: “We aim to finish all races and win as many as possible. Martin, the team and I have one very clear goal and that is to win the Baja 1000 – regardless of whether it’s in 2012 or 2013. The main thing is to win this awesome race! In all the years that Sal Fish has run the SCORE Organisation, and all his helpers have found unbelievably beautiful and tough tracks, never before has a non-North American won. Only in 2010 did a Mexican, let’s say an ‘almost’ North American, manage this feat – and that was our friend from the Vildosola team. We want to be the first Europeans to do this and that is our aim.
I want to express my thanks to my friend who has virtually ‘carried’ me after my active WRC time: Wilfried Eibach, whose company celebrated its 60th anniversary a fortnight ago. Dear Wilfried, you really sorted out a wonderful “post-WRC” activity for me. And man, is it fun. There are very few of these types – people like Wilfried Eibach, Sal Fish, Yves Morizot and of course my friend and team mate Martin Christensen. To you all, and my family of course, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and patience.”

Information on the AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE Trophy Truck

All German Motorsports built the Trophy Truck in the USA in close collaboration with Jimco, the most experienced and best chassis manufacturer in the international offroad scene. Jimco is responsible for the chassis and the construction of the vehicle. TriStar Metals, a US subsidiary of AGM partner Stammcut, supplied premium quality material for the new chassis under the BMW X6 silhouette.
The design of the new Trophy Truck was developed in close cooperation with the creative team of Achim Storz. DESIGN STORZ based in Zell am See (Austria) developed the silhouette of the Trophy Truck with the body of the BMW X6 as an inspiration.
Another partner is Meziere Enterprises, a long-standing supporter of AGM that specialises in machined and lathed parts for racing. Team boss Christensen worked with the engineers from Meziere to develop calculations, drawings and CAD data. An incredible amount of machined parts feature on the Trophy Truck, made Meziere from lightweight material like aluminium, magnesium or titanium. All carbon-fibre components on the vehicle, for instance the internal parts that are exposed to strong vibrations, are supplied by partner Lynx Composites.
With the suspension, All German Motorsports places it trust in partners Eibach (springs) and Fox (shocks). Powering the AGM-Jimco X6 Trophy Truck is a 725 hp V8 Denzio BMW engine. The filter system and the air ducting were set-up by K&N in Riverside, California. Partner Remus built an ultra-lightweight exhaust with a multi-flow 4-in-1 exhaust system – giving the unmistakeable sound that fans so love to hear. Liqui Moly is the supplier of all lubricants which have been specifically developed for the hot, sandy and difficult conditions of offroad racing in the desert. Fuel comes from the long-standing partner F&L Fuels that delivers virtually all high-performance petrol to the SCORE Series.
Fortin delivers the gearbox: A four-speed sequential shift automatic gearbox. At the rear axle All German Motorsports works with Drexler Motorsport, experts in the field of differentials. The team selected a differential which gives considerably better vehicle handling on the twisty and rolling tracks than a rigid drive. And the tyres are supplied by the reliable partner, BF Goodrich. AGM now use an Alcon 6-piston brake system.
All German Motorsports get all the safety systems, like the Recaro seats, the Schroth harness system, race wear, helmets and the Stand21 HANS system, as well as all the small parts like switches and so forth, from their partner Off Road Warehouse ORW. The monster features a Powerstride battery system. With the software, the team has launched a development project in conjunction with B&M Tricon. IT solutions were found that are intended to contribute to simplifying and optimising the set-up of the vehicle in the future.

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This truck looks like it has the same lower arms and uprights as the Champion Class 1.