Alumi Craft Racers Cash In and Sweep The Mint 400 Podium With Preston Brigman Seizing Victory

Alumi Craft Racers Cash In and Sweep The Mint 400 Podium With Preston Brigman Seizing Victory

The Mint 400, dubbed The Great American Off-Road Race has stormed through Las Vegas Nevada and left its mark in the history books. A large field of competitors reveled in this world-famous historic event with lots of festivities & fanfare off the track. Part of the allure for this 2020 Mint 400, was a Class 10 Shootout featuring a hefty $35,000 cash purse supported by Alumi Craft Race Cars, Pro-Am Racing Products, Competitive Metals, CBR Performance Products, and Redline Performance.

Twenty daring buggy racers took on the challenge hoping to cash in. After a grueling 428 miles, and four laps around a treacherous 107-mile course, the top three competitors to make it to the finish line comprised of an all Alumi Craft Racer Car Podium. Preston Brigman came up on top with a big $20,000 check edging out Brent Fox, who finished in 2nd Place, Conner McMullen coming up in 3rd. Fox & McMullen also received a sizeable cash prize as part of the Mint 400 Class 10 Shootout.

The Mint 400 attracts a massive field of over 400 hundred race teams, including car, truck, motorcycle and youth classes. For this reason, the event split up into two days of competition and race organizers determined, based on vehicle lap times, the Class 10 division would race in Saturday’s main event with all of the unlimited cars.

Conner McMullen finished all four laps in 3rd place with a total time on the course of 8 Hours, 35 Minutes, and 39.208 Seconds. “The Mint 400 was quite an experience,” declared Conner. “The day began well with a 6th place starting position. I ran it hard and fast to maintain and stay competitive. The first two laps were super fun and we had a great back & forth race with Chase Warren (Alumi Craft #1088) but it was getting brutal and very rough. I knew the Alumi Craft could handle it, but I was not feeling so well.  As we got to our 3rd lap, I was pretty ill, so I called Pit B and I needed my dad to get in and race to the finish. He (Kevin McMullen) had not been in a car for three years and finally came out of retirement. He did super solid and got us a 3rd place podium finish. The top 3 finishers were all Team Alumi Craft Race Cars. Thank you to my amazing team and sponsors; FOX, Method Race Wheels, Tensor Tire, Maxima Racing Oils, and Redline Performance that do everything they can for the team and me.”

Brent Fox finished all four laps in 2nd place with a total time on the course of 8 Hours, 31 Minutes, and 3.698 Seconds. “I started the race in 5th position and worked our way up into 3rd place by Pit A,” Brent commented. “We held it down in 3rd until about Race Mile 60 where we got our first flat. We got that change and back on course but now about running 8th or 9th. We ran good passing people until about halfway through the second lap when we got our second flat tire. We got out to change it and figured out we had lost our jack. We waited until our other car came through and borrowed the jack off the #1082 car and got it changed and started working our way past people again!”

Fox continued, “At the end of Lap 2, we did a driver change and my son Brady got in. He had a good third lap and then I got in with him and co-piloted him to the finish! The car ran great all day and the only problems we had were the flat tires! We want to thank Alumi Craft as they were in our pits helping all day!”

Preston Brigman finished all four laps for a 1st place victory with a total time on the course of 8 Hours, 26 Minutes, and 28.103 Seconds and only 1 Hour & 36 Minutes off the overall lead. “About two weeks after the Parker 425, Brent Fox offered me a deal I couldn’t turn down,” Brigman recalls. “He said all I had to do was show up to the Mint 400 and drive a race car like he knew I could. We started in 6th and had a pretty good run going. We were stuck behind the #1075 (Brent Fox) and the #1020 (Conner McMullen) for a little bit. There was one time where Brent bumped Conner and I bumped Brent. We were that close!

Preston resumed, “We got a flat at Race Mile 75 and my co-driver; Jacob Fields did an awesome job changing it out. The next thing you know at Race Mile 90, we got another flat. But we were so close to the Main Pit; we ran it in to try to save time. On the second lap, we went out there and just stayed smooth and consistent. I stopped and gave our jack to the #1075 Alumi Craft at Race Mile 67 during Lap 2. I’m glad we did because they were in a jam without one! When I brought the car into the pits, they said I went from 9th to 3rd, so I was pretty excited about where we were at going out on our last two laps. Trevor Rasmussen took over for Laps 3 & 4 and did a great job. He kept all the air in the tires, with no flats, avoiding any issues while others fall victims of their own troubles. We finished in 1st over two and a half minutes ahead of 2nd place.”

Brigman shares his gratitude for the victory. “I could not have done this without the help of are FX pit support, Mach1 Race Prep, my family and friends. Alumi Craft built an awesome car to be able to run that hard all day. Winning the Mint 400 is a dream come true. And to do it for my wife, on her birthday, was the cherry on top! I must also recognize and give special thanks to Brent Fox for allowing me to go have fun.”

What an incredible day for the Alumi Craft Race Cars Team,” John Cooley, owner of Alumi Craft Race Cars beamed with pride. “Days like today are why we keep doing what we do. Nothing is more satisfying than sweeping the podium. Congratulations to Preston Brigman & Brent Fox and the whole Fox Construction Team as well as Conner McMullen. We were able to present one of the largest purses Class 10 has ever seen. Thank you to Pro-Am Racing Products, Competitive Metals, CBR Performance Products, and Redline Performance for teaming up with us. It was an honor to hand out $35,000 to some well-deserving Teams!

Winning the Mint 400 is a dream for most racers. Sweeping the podium of legendary races is just regular business for Alumi Craft.  If you are looking to take on a competitive challenge such as off road racing, get in touch with Alumi Craft Race Cars for an expert consultation on what is needed to win races. Give Alumi Craft a call at 619-596-9841 or go to: to find out more about our race products and services.

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