The Ampudia Brothers Will Start First For The Baja 500 –

The Ampudia Brothers Will Start First For The Baja 500

The 49th running of the SCORE Baja 500 is now underway as earlier today Trophy Trucks, Trophy Truck Specs, and Class 1 qualified for starting positions. Once again SCORE held qualifying in Uruapan on a winery where drivers blasted down a 2.98 mile loop.

In the past this course has deteriorated quickly with each passing run, but today Alan Ampudia, who took his run towards the middle of qualifying, showed just how talented of a driver he is by putting his truck on the number one spot. Its one thing to qualify first but being able to maintain that spot over 514 miles will be the true test for the three Ampudia brothers.

Bryce Menzies who actually qualified two tenths of a second faster then Ampudia jumped the start resulting in a penalty of two seconds bumping him down to third position. BJ Baldwin will start right behind Ampudia in the second spot. Ampudia is looking for redemption after a big crash at the 1000 last year, ironically while chasing down Baldwin. The tables have turned as now BJ will have to hunt down Ampudia.

1. Alan Ampudia
2. BJ Baldwin
3. Bryce Menzies
4. Tracy Graf
5. Andy McMillin
6. Robby Gordon
7. Apdaly Lopez
8. Kyle Leduc
9. Cameron Steele
10. Justin Lofton


The Baja 500 is a long race and while qualifying near the front is important it only plays a small roll. Attrition will play a huge part on this brutal race course and teams will need to have a smart game plan in order to cross the checkered flag first.

Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography

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