Andy McMillin 2022 SCORE San Felipe 250 Video Series

Andy McMillin recently re-launched his YouTube channel with a new video series focusing on the 2022 SCORE San Felipe 250.  Follow along as they prerun, test and qualify before race day.

Episode 1 – Pre-Run Carnage! Andy McMillin Preps for San Felipe 250!

“As some of you may know, we had a little rollover crash at the 2021 Baja 400 that parked the truck in our race shop for awhile to get rebuilt. Fast forward to the start of the 2022 race season and WE ARE BACK with an even better truck that now has a fresh Joe Gibbs Racing engine and a few other racey upgrades! New parts though means new challenges, which led to a not so great result due to a transmission failure…we’ll get to that. Enjoy as I take you along with me in this 4 episode series giving you a deeper look into our 2022 San Felipe 250 effort. Episode 1 of 4 is focused on the PRE-RUN!”

Episode 2 – 105+ MPH Thru Gnarliest Test Course! Andy McMillin Tests AWD TT Before BAJA Race!

“Our rebuilt AWD trophy truck with a new engine + bunch of new and upgraded parts hits the dirt for the first time! I get to drive my fresh Joe Gibbs Racing engine during our first test session before we head down to San Felipe and of course we had to hit up the roughest terrain in Southern California – PLASTER CITY. After we tested in Plaster City we pack up and head down to San Felipe to put in another test session on the race course itself. Watch episode 2 of 4 of my San Felipe 250 series!”

Episode 3 – BRUTAL Qualifying Run For San Felipe 250! Andy McMillin’s Full IN-CAR w/ Co-Driver Audio!

“This years qualifying course for the San Felipe 250 was brutal and even claimed a few trucks in the process. We were one of the lucky ones that made it through cleanly (for the most part…our bedside wasn’t so lucky) and ended up with a great qualifying time that put us up towards the front. If you like in-car footage and silt, this episode is for you. Enjoy episode 3 of 4 of our San Felipe 250 series!”

Episode 4 – Transmission SWAP Mid-Race! Did we FINISH!? San Felipe 250 FINALE

“If you know, you know. Our San Felipe 250 race didn’t go as planned but thanks to our amazing hard working race team, we made it to the finish line and snagged a respectable result with all things considered. Throwing the kitchen sink at something could go 1 of 2 ways, so watch the FINALE of our 4-part San Felipe 250 series to see what happened during our risky 2022 San Felipe 250 race effort.”