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New Device Adds Safety and Compliance Functions to BAJA RALLY
ENSENADA, BAJA CA, has released the first details of a brand new metering device to be used by racers participating in the 2015 BAJA RALLY here this September 28 –Oct 2. The first of its kind Rally Comp is an on board odometer, speedometer, compass built around a compliance and safety management resource. The “event management” tool is the brainchild of veteran Baja champion and FIM Rally racer Mike Johnson.

“It’s a game changer.”
-Erek Kudla, Director of Timing and Scoring

Rally Comp promises to open a new door for rally competition and training with the objective of attracting increasing numbers of participants. BAJA RALLY will be the first widely recognized rally event to deploy the Rally Comp devices, which are being provided to riders free of charge with their standard entry fees. Entrants in the BAJA RALLY have received RIDER BULLETIN 3.12 previously to prepare for the requirement to “make space” to install the units for the event.

At technical inspection day September 28, riders will be required to install Rally Comp, which has the same footprint and standardized connectors as traditional odometers (ICO), unit onto their navigation tower to be used as a primary or backup odometer. A small attached antenna and alert buzzer connect to Rally Comp, which is externally powered by the bikes battery or an external power source (for bikes without a battery)

Figure 3.12 Rally Comp Specifications (denoted in inches)
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Primarily, Rally Comp times the rider from start to finish of each special stage, tallies waypoints hit or missed, and calculates WP and speed penalties in real time. When riders approach preset “masked” (hidden from rider) waypoints, an arrow pointer on the larger screen guides the through the waypoint and automatically calibrates the Rally Comp’s odometer to the correct mileage. If a rider becomes misplaced from the course (ie: lost) they can push a button and unlock (open) the next waypoint so the Rally Comp pointer can show the direction back to the course. A significant time penalty will be logged in real time when this happens.

Upon finishing each day, the rider can see their gross and net adjusted times the instant they arrive from the stage. Simultaneously, Rally Comp sends the data to an RF (radio frequency) receiver to the scoring tent. The resulting benefit is BAJA RALLY can post provisional standings as each rider arrives.

Secondarily, Rally Comp is a GPS based 4-in-1 odo/speedo/cap repeater, clock that connects to standardized thumb switches, power and antenna connections.

As a third and critically important element, Rally Comp attaches to a small buzzer (horn) that is audible to the rider when they start and finish each stage, cross a waypoint or when speeding in speed zone.

The long term effect is Rally Comp’s application as an entry level training tool to fill the growing demand of rally hopefuls needing to take their first step. Johnson, 2-time BAJA RALLY finisher and the only American finisher in the 2014 DAKAR RALLY has been entrenched in the development of RALLY COMP for over 2 years.

Erek Kudla, BAJA RALLY Director and Chief of Timing & Scoring, oversees more than 25 race events per year and considered one of the most prolific arbiters of the sport.

“It’s a game changer”, explains Kudla, “Our team has run multiple days of testing in the US and Baja CA and looking forward to refining our process around Rally Comp. I think the racers will love it”. Kudla continued, “I could create an entire event just based around Rally Comp.”

“Mike (Johnson) has hit a grand slam with Rally Comp and his mission is worthy”, says BAJA RALLY Director & Chief of Competition Andy Grider, we’ve been collaborating with him since the last BAJA RALLY 2.0. Mike knows international rally and shares our values and vision for growing the sport, making it safer and more accessible and adding new riders.”

Rally Comp, which is due for public release in Winter 2015 will be a mandatory for every vehicle competing in the upcoming BAJA RALLY and the unit will be entirely furnished by Rally Comp in a collaborative “launch” of this groundbreaking technological safety advancement.

We owe a huge “thank you” to Rally Comp and Mike Johnson for choosing BAJA RALLY as the first rally event to deploy this breakthrough device”, Rally founder Scotty Breauxman concluded, “Our team is optimistic about the difference Rally Comp will make for the rider experience and overall safety of the event.”

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