Another Epic Parker In The Books –

Another Epic Parker In The Books

The 2013 Best In The Desert Parker 425 goes down in the history books for more reasons than one.

With a record number of entrants in multiple classes, the BITD Parker 425 saw over 90+ unlimited vehicles (Trick Truck and Class 1500), 56+ class 1000 cars, and a record number of entrants in the newly formed 6100 truck class.

Rob MacCachren was first to leave the starting line in Parker Arizona after qualifying in the top position just two days prior. With MacCachren starting out front and nothing but clean air ahead of him it looked as though Rob Mac would walk away with yet another overall victory. MacCachren’s lead was short lived after engine failure left him dead in the water at mile-marker 60. Robby Gordon and Jason Voss quickly ran down MacCachren, along with a host of Trick Trucks and Class 1500 cars. Gordon would go on to completely dominate the field in the remaining 400 miles. To Robby Gordon’s surprise; Casey Folks was waiting at the finish line to serve Robby Gordon a fifteen-minute penalty for communicating with his chase helicopter, this would move Gordon from first to third.

Jason Voss would go on to finish first over-all and first in Trick Truck. A well deserved win for Voss and crew after lots of new tire testing and suspension tuning in the off-season. The Weyhrich brothers would fill the second place position in the #98 Trick Truck after a grueling 425 miles.

Class 1 also had an amazing battle and changed leaders half a dozen times before someone finally reached the finish. Corey Keysar was able to out run the entire pack of Class 1 cars while Parkhouse and Pat Dean would put in a solid effort and round out the podium.

In the new 6100 class driver Jerry Whelchel of the Camburg Racing truck fought off and passed all trucks in class after starting the race with a rear start. Whelchel and co-driver Mikey Childress took the lead and ran with it, never giving it up and taking a much deserved class win against some competitive new trucks in the class.

A record number of class 10 cars made their way to the BITD Parker 425 with a total of 56 entrants. Making their Class 10 debut, Brad Wilson brought his brand new Jimco Class 10 car to Parker Arizona and was able to show what that Jimco is really made of. Unfortunately for Wilson he was left to settle with a very well respected third place finish as Savage would run his Class 10 car to the bitter edge to take home the gold.

Another absolutely epic Parker 425 is in the record books and next year is looking even brighter. Not your typical players up on top of the box for 2013.. maybe a new wave of talent to take down the old dogs? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the General Tire Mint 400 has in store.

Words by Adam “Gunnslinger” Gunn

Photos by Jason Zindroski


  1. bitd needs to let them race like it used to be and being moved from 1st to 3rd because of comunication with a helicopter is without a doubt the dumbest rule bitd has. simply because helicopter comunicates with the pit crew all the time and then the pit crew comunicates to the race car so what is the point?

  2. Once again an awesome race !!! With over 80+ unlimited entries just goes to show you BITD is the place to be where the best come out to race.

  3. Hey @wrongfactsslinger —- Rob Mac had his Motor Failure at RM60-, not RM16 …. 44 Miles is a big difference ……. ;-) come on now kid

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