As The Dust Settles Champions Arise –

As The Dust Settles Champions Arise

The Best In The Desert off-road racing series made its last and final stop of the 2012 season in Jean Nevada (just 20 miles north of the California/Nevada border) for 240 miles of pure destruction.

Although 240 miles is pretty significant, to an off road racer it’s considered to be a sprint. Starting the race with just 11 overall championship points separating them; Rob MacCachren and Mark Weyhrich came into the last and final race with all guns a blazing in hopes of clinching the overall Trick Truck title for 2012. MacCachren and Weyhrich were neck and neck all race long, battling back and forth through 80 miles of open Nevada desert. Not only were the guys in the pits on their toes with their fingers crossed, the fans from home watching live on were on the edge of their seat as it would be a battle to the bitter end between MacCachren and Weyhrich. MacCachren would go on to finish first overall and first in Trick Truck, beating second place Shawn Croll by 5 minutes and championship contender/third place finisher Mark Weyhrich by nearly 6 and a half minutes.

Class 1500 (Class 1) saw some of the best racing battles we have seen all season long in the Best In The Desert. Drama quickly filled the pits after NASCAR star Robby Gordon was penalized for hitting a cone on his qualifying lap to determine his starting position. Gordon’s penalty would knock him from the first place starting position all the way to the 16th starting position; this would surly put a damper on Robby Gordon’s championship hunt, and damper it did.

The young NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series driver Justin Lofton would wheel his General Tire Class 1 car from the 5th place starting position and clinch his first win for 2012. Justin has come close all year long and never seemed to be satisfied, but today was the day for Lofton to finally take a win home. Derrick Sprole would finish in the second place position followed by the lethal Garrick Freitas.

In a tough battle all year long in the 7200 class, Shawn Backus of Western Motorsports came out with a championship even after rolling his truck during the race.

Another year comes to an end in the Best In The Desert racing series. The duo of Rob MacCachren and Steve Sourapas have been a dominating force all year long and with 4 top qualifying start positions, it’s obvious why the Corona Extra Trick Truck #6 was so highly feared.

Congratulations to Rob MacCachren and Steve Sourapas on winning the 2012 Best In The Desert Trick Truck Championship.

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