Australasian Safari Stage 3 cars and bikes

Australasian Safari: Grabham takes moto lead, Harringtons top of cars.

Today´s stage saw the competitors traveling through the Western
Australian goldfields from Leonora to Coolgardie, resting up in the old
goldfields town overnight before taking on Leg 4 traveling south to
Norseman for another day of tough outback action.

Australasian Safari Stage 3
Australasian Safari Stage 3

In true endurance event style, Day 3 of the Australasian Safari was a huge
challenge for competitors. West Australian moto-competitor Ivan Erceg was
transported by helicopter to Kalgoorlie Hospital after an injury on Stage.
It is understood Erceg is stable but has injuries to his chest.

Due to the requirement for the helicopter to be on standby before the
stage can start, a delay was required. Officials made the decision to
cancel the final stage of the day to ensure competitors were not riding
and driving out of daylight hours.

Australasian Safari Stage 3
Australasian Safari Stage 3

Results from the cars show some significant changes with Father-and-Son
team Des and Richard Harrington moving from third to fastest place in
their Nissan Patrol V8. Des is a veteran of 15 Australasian Safaris and
competing with his son for the first time.

Warren and Michael Denham are four minutes thirty seconds behind the
leaders in their Mitsubishi L200 Triton and Australian V8-Series Star
Craig Lowndes and Kees Weel (Holden Rodeo V8/Isuzu D-Max) are sitting in
third fastest position, less than nine minutes from the lead.

Australasian Safari Stage 3
Australasian Safari Stage 3

Dakar- and FIA-Rallyraid-Expert Bruce Garland and Harry Suzuki in their
Isuzu D-Max Diesel has had a good stage, moving up a position to fourth
fastest place, swapping places with Darren Green and Wayne Smith´s Nissan
Patrol and now approximately 13 minutes behind the leaders.

In the motobikes, at the end of Special Stage 6 (Second stage of Tuesday),
a length of 245 kms, Ben Grabham took the lead on his KTM530, finishing
just over five minutes in front of Jacob Smith on a Honda CCC, and Rod
Faggotter on a Yamaha WR450F.

Australasian Safari Stage 3
Australasian Safari Stage 3

Yesterday´s moto leader Todd Smith on KTM, nursing a sore shoulder from a
fall yesterday, has moved to fourth position, only 20 seconds after
Faggotter and with Matt Fish on KTM only 30 seconds behind him. The top
five riders are approximately one hour in front of the remaining field.

Paul Smith is powering ahead of the quad bikes, slightly increasing his
lead to approximately 35 minutes on his Honda TRX700XX.

Australasian Safari Stage 3
Australasian Safari Stage 3

Considered one of the world´s great endurance events, the Australasian
Safari is traveling from Southern Cross in the wheatbelt through to the
historic Western Australian goldfields, desert, rugged bush and coastal
sand dunes, finishing at Esperance.

Australasian Safari RESULTS: Overall Standings Cars Day 3 Tuesday (all)

01) Harrington/Harrington (AUS) I Nissan Patrol I 12:43:30
02) Denham/Denham (AUS) I Mitsubishi L200 Triton I 12:48:09
03) Lowndes/Weel (AUS) I Holden Colorado I 12:52:17
04) Garland/Suzuki (AUS) I Isuzu D-Max I 12:56:40
05) Green/Smith (AUS) I Nissan Patrol I 12:57:16
06) Dunn/Dunn (AUS) I Nissan Patrol I 13:11:09
07) Turley/Tillett (AUS) I Nissan Patrol I 13:28:33
08) Flood/Van Kann (AUS) I Mitsubishi Pajero I 14:12:46
09) Young/Mc Bean (AUS) I Mitsubishi Pajero I 14:22:36
10) Muldrew/Earle (AUS) I Mitsubishi Pajero I 15:08:51

11) Di Lallo/Masi (AUS) I Mitsubishi Pajero I 15:15:35
12) Yuan De/Taiguang (CN) I Chang Feng Mitsubishi I 15:44:06
13) Muir/Walker (AUS) I Mitsubishi Pajero I 16:55:10
14) Twaddle/Twaddle (AUS) I Mitsubishi Pajero I 17:34:39
15) Owen/Cairns (AUS) Nissan Patrol I 20:05:50
16) Wei Yu/Min (CN) I Guang Qi Chang Feng Mitsubishi I 20:13:05
17) Walkden/Long (AUS) I Mitsubishi Pajero I 21:12:45
18) Olholm/Doble (AUS) I Mitsubishi Pajero I 21:51:26

Australasian Safari RESULTS: Overall Standings Bikes Day 3 TUE (Top 10)

01) Grabham, Ben (AUS) I KTM 530 EXC I 10:59:26
02) Smith, Jacob (AUS) I Honda CCC I 11:05:08
03) Faggotter, Rod (AUS) I Yamaha WR450F I 11:05:26
04) Smith, Todd (AUS) I KTM 530 EXC I 11:05:46
05) Fish. Mathew (AUS) I KTM 530 EXC I 11:06:14
06) Schwarz, David (AUS) I Husaberg FE570 I 12:19:12
07) Beavis, David (AUS) I Honda CRF450X I 12:24:53
08) Costello, Peter (AUS) I Honda CRF 450X I 12:32:14
09) Chittick, Mike (AUS) I Honda CRF450X I 13:13:18
10) Petrig, Joshua (AUS) I KTM 530 EXC I 13:17:26

Australasian Safari RESULTS: Overall Standings Quads Day 3 Tuesday (all)

01) Smith, Paul (AUS) I Honda TRX700XX I 14:44:09
02) Maragozidis, John (AUS) I Interceptor 850 I 15:09:01
03) Lawson, Colin I Can-am Renegade 800 I 20:14:39