AZOP Closes 2019 Season at Canyon Motorsports Park

AZOP Closes 2019 Season at Canyon Motorsports Park

2019 AZOP Rowley White RV Series, Round 13,
Peoria, AZ December 21, 2019

Written by: Miller Truby

All images ©: Miller Truby

After a full year of bar-to-bar, wheel-to-wheel racing in the deserts and mountains of Arizona (and California), the 2019 Arizona Offroad Promotions Rowley White RV Series has come to an end. With the year-end holiday season in full swing, AZOP rallied together one final time to bring races and race fans out to Canyon Motorsports Park in the foothills of Peoria for an exhibition race to celebrate everything that we all love about off-road motorsports. Sponsored by Triple X Seats and RideNow Powersports, there were to be 8 races packed into one perfect Saturday. The 5-mile course made great use of the motocross track and then dropped into the adjacent wash to run through the sandy low-desert washes. The unseasonably wet December central Arizona has had this year made for perfect conditions with soft, loamy soil and minimum dust (for a desert race).

The highlight of the day was the bike team race, and the starting area certainly lived up to the hype with bikes lined up several rows deep across the massive start line. In the end there were 48 teams competing for the podium on race day! The peewee classes all had similarly large turnouts and even the Quad/ATC classes had larger-than-average numbers as everyone seemed to show up for an opportunity to run on the killer MX track. The cold morning didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits as several racers showed up with decorated vehicles and there were multiple sightings of Santa Claus out on the track working his way through the big tabletops and rhythm sections.

The worry with exhibition events is often that with nothing at stake the events won’t be as much fun to watch, but the opposite was true in Peoria as there was a feeling of fun and nervous energy all throughout the day. Several series regulars were competing in new classes for the first time, getting valuable experience in advance of the 2020 season. Others were on brand new bikes or in newly-built cars, with intent to test and tune before the new year. Still others were there just to get one last race in before family responsibilities around the holidays forced them out of their seats for a few weeks. All things considered the racing and competitive spirit couldn’t have been better at a race event that was truly “just for fun”.

Now that the 2019 season has been put to bed, AZOP will take a short break and return in early 2020. The racing slate for next season will feature at least 12 championship points-paying events as well as a handful of exhibition events! Rowley White RV is back as the series’ title sponsor and the 2020 season will showcase a few new race locations, alongside the old favorites!

The 2020 AZOP season is just a few weeks away! The first race of the new year will be January 18-19 for the series-favorite Todd Peterson’s Vulture Mine Hare Scrambles in Wickenburg, AZ. Registration is open now; go to for class rules, series schedule, and registration!

As always AZOP would like to thank all of the sponsors, staff, volunteers, racers, and spectators for making this another successful and fun weekend and a wonderful year of racing.  For full race results, videos, and photos or to find out about upcoming events go to

Motorcycle Results

Big Bikes

Team Expert: 1.) #073 “Team 2X” 2.) #67 “Team Millikan” 3.) #096 “Team Sword Fighters” Team Sportsman: 1.) #079 “Team Goon Squad” 2.) #099 “Factork Krt” 3.) #071 “Preston Racing” Team Vet: 1.) #090 “Schneider Bros” 2.) #081 “Team Dirt Surfers” 3.) #089 “Team 8 Oz Thunder” Team Ironman: 1.) #525 Reiswig 2.) #066 Kelly 3.) #411 Kelly Team Family: 1.) #3 “Team K & C” 2.) #080 “Team Bradish” 3.) #777 “Team K is Better…” Open B: 1.) #064 Jake Flake 2.) #67 Carson Millikan 3.) #317 Jarren Atwater Open C: 1.) #066 Juke Kelly 2.) #068 Tanner Hansen 3.) #800 Jacob Moraga 125-250cc A: 1.) #700 Anthony Luna 125-250cc B: 1.) #203 Zack Brown 2.) #171 Cody Whitham 125-250cc C: 1.) #694 Dylan Skaggs 2.) #239 Carter Moore 3.) #130 Clayton Hixon Vet 30+ B: 1.) #924 Chris Kieffner 2.) #097 Cliff McKnight Vet 30+ C: 1.) #747 Andrew Boyd Senior 40+ A: 1.) #602 Ken Mott Master 50+ A: 1.) #59 Gary Peterson 2.) #311 Richard Heyer Super Senior 60+: 1.) #81 Chuck Stevenson

Pee Wee Bikes

Pee Wee 50cc 4-6 Years: 1.) #17 Asher Galindo 2.) #203 Radley Konkright 3.) #703 Jax Harrison Pee Wee 50cc 7-8 Years: 1.) #7 Todd Torgesen Pee Wee 65cc C: 1.) #45 Shay Anderson 2.) #711 Jake Mandel 3.) #154 Layne Odom

Mini Bikes

Mini 80-150cc A: 1.) #381 Keegan Hardy 2.) #177 Porter May Mini 80-150cc B: 1.) #21 Marley Kuhn 2.) #78 Jacob Jewell Mini 80-150cc C: 1.) #199 Jaxon Steele 2.) #188 John Smallhouse 3.) #99 Talan Raper Mini 65cc B: 1.) #910 Tiernan Finnegan Women’s C: 1.) #191 Grace Vinagro 2.) #93 Ellie Koester

Quad/ATC Results

Big Quads/ATCs

Pro: 1.) #22 Evan Spooner Expert: 1.) #43 Diego Urred 2.) #9 Jake Henkle 3.) #16 Kolbie Lang Vet Pro: 1.) #102 Ron Suor Sportsman: 1.) #71 Paul Airey 2.) #72 Scott Yarber 3.) #134 Kayla Dickinson ATC: 1.) #208 Ed Hicks 2.) #418 Tristan Jones

Pee Wee Quads

Pee Wee 80cc Beginner: 1.) #200 Cutter Gehrts 2.) #5 Jordyn Harrison 3.) #187 Jaydan Llamas Pee Wee 50-79cc 4-6 Years: 1.) #56 Emma Martinez 2.) #89 Zane Gehrts

Mini Quads

Mini 91-300cc 10-15 Years: 1.) #95 Brendon Turner 2.) #17 Brayden Earlewine

UTV Results

Big UTVs

Unlimited Turbo: 1.) #969 Daniel Hurn 1000cc Non-Turbo: 1.) #7 Paul Romanek 2.) #314 Katin Ladin 3.) #888 Mike Nieves 900cc: 1.) #381 Chuck Stevenson

170cc UTVs

170cc: 1.) #101 TJ Siewers 2.) #147 Braden Krah 3.) #116 Erik Alvidrez