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Baja Racing of Texas announces New Off-Road Racing Series

Baja Racing of Texas

Baja Racing of Texas

Ft. Worth, TX. (February 1, 2011) Exciting news from the Lone Star state as a new off-road race series is announced today. Baja Racing of Texas, LLC (BRT) will be launching a new off road racing series for the upcoming 2011 season. The BRT was formed by Chris Leitner (BRT President) and is the next step in the continuing growth of off-road racing in Texas. The goal of the BRT is to provide safe, fun and challenging racing venues for the entire off-road community. In light of the current issues plaguing the southern borders of the US and the on-going changes plaguing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over land use on the west coast, Texas is primed to be the future of off road racing in the United States. Leitner stated “When you look at the states that have the land to hold these type of events the list is very short and the fact that Texas land is privately owned with no BLM interaction, then Texas really is the next step for the off-road community. We plan to offer the ‘Texas Premiere Off-Road Racing Experience’ to the racers, fans and sponsors attending our events”.

Leitner has assembled a large staff to assist him in this project. This group has an impressive 100 plus years of combined experience in organizing, promoting and participating in off-road racing events.

Since all of the land in Texas is privately owned, successful partnerships with Landowners have been established and additional land owners will be on board for the 2012 season. Leitner stated “We are focused on working with new property owners, Texas based businesses, The Texas Motorized Trails Coalition and other race organizations to establish new locations for future events.” The BRT will be running their 2011 off road racing events at Texana Ranch located in Blackwell, TX starting with the Blackwell 250 April 7-10. This 4,682 acre property has been owned by the Beal family since 1979 and offers a variety of terrains not often seen at west coast off-road racing events. Instead of the vast expanses of sand and cactus, the 40+ mile course at Texana Ranch winds through tree-filled areas, dry creek beds and up and down hills.

BRT will be offering familiar race classes, safety guidelines and has established a relationship with the rock crawling community to incorporate 4-wheel drive (Ultra 4) vehicles into the series as well as an endurance Motorcycle race at the October 27-30 event. Chris Leitner stated
“We are looking forward to our relationship with Cameron Chin with Krawltex Motorsports and Jeremy Dickinson who will be spearheading our new 4400 race class. We know these guys will bring some great competition and great viewing for the spectators.”
To ensure everyone is aware of the latest BRT updates, they developed a new website ( with the assistance of Christy at Christy’s fresh new approach to Website design will help to create an exciting way to keep everybody in
touch with what is happening at BRT. In addition, be sure to check the BRT Facebook page (
About Baja Racing of Texas
The BRT was formed by Chris Leitner to continue the growth of off-road racing in Texas and to provide additional safe and fun racing venues for the entire off-road community. The BRT is paced to grow over 40 – 50 cars by the end of the 2011 season. The BRT will organize 2 races for our inaugural 2011 season both 250 miles long over a 40+ mile course at the Texana Ranch. Drivers come from TX, LA, OK, CA, AZ, KS, NM, AR, MO and GA to race the BRT series.


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