BAJA RALLY 3.0 DATES ANNOUNCED UTV Exhibition Class To Debut In 2015 Edition -

BAJA RALLY 3.0 DATES ANNOUNCED UTV Exhibition Class To Debut In 2015 Edition

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DATES: September 28th- October 2, 2015 (Monday – Friday)

(Limited to first 20 riders before Feb, 2015, all others enter with normal pricing)

ENSENADA, BAJA CA, MEXICO- has unveiled plans for the 2015 edition of the BAJA RALLY 3.0 along with the debut of a UTV Expo class for the next BAJA RALLY in September. Baja Rally 3.0 is a 5-day navigation adventure rally with 4 days of timed special stages for advanced, expert and pro motorcycles. BAJA RALLY 3.0 is parlaying its proven successes after 2 years of safe rally racing racing in Mexico, adding UTV (Utility Task Vehicle, aka Side-by-Side) class on a trial basis. (more on UTV’s below)

The length of the special stages varies between 50 and 250 miles. Highway transfers and liaison stages will comprise the overall adventure. Stages are measured in kilometers and roadbooks follow FIM-style nomenclature. The specific course route will remain secret until the beginning of each stage. The service route and itinerary will be disclosed 2-3 weeks prior to the event for support teams to plan for the service route and fuel management. Riders will receive their first roadbooks at check in and successive roadbooks as they check into each bivouac.

Baja Rally 3.0 parlays the successes of 2 years of successful rallies to deliver the most adventurous and scenic rider experience possible while utilizing unique safety systems to protect participants, officials, support teams, hosts and spectators.

Northern Baja CA

Ensenada to Ensenada

Monday Sept 28- Registration, Inspection, Riders Meeting
Tuesday Sept 29- Stage 1 from Ensenada: Approx. 160KM (destination TBA)
Wednesday Sept 30- Stage 2: Approx. 280KM (destination TBA)
Thursday Oct 1- Stage 3: Approx 300KM (destination TBA)
Friday Oct 2- Stage 4: Approx 250KM (destination Ensenada)

$2,195 – Standard
$1,850 – Early Bird- Limited to first 20 riders from Dec 1 2014- Feb 1, 2015
SUPPORT TEAM: $120 per crew member bivouac pass- required for any and all crew members entering any bivouac.

San Nicolas Hotel
Primera & Guadalupe S/N
Zona Centro, Cultural y Deportiva. Z.C. 22880
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

CLASSES: (4 classes)
All applications are subject to acceptance by BAJA RALLY

Rally 1: Open Pro- 249cc – 700cc
Required for any rider who has:
1) Finished any prior Baja Rally first in class or top 5 overall, or
2) Finished as team rider in Baja 1000 or 500 as winner in any class or in the top 5 overall, or
3) Finished at least one stage in any FIM Sanctioned World Championship Cross-Country Rally Including the DAKAR Rally.

Rally 2: Limited to everyone else riding 249cc-700cc bikes
ADV Expert- Limited to 10 riders riding 701cc-1000cc bikes
UTV Rally Expo- Limited to 5 vehicles by application & invitation only

LODGING: (Preferred room rates at San Nicolas Hotel Sept 28 & and Oct 2)
Hosted bivouac camping after each race day, Tues, Wed, Thurs. No-cost camping for participants and their registered support teams. It is NOT expected that there will be water and power hook-ups for R.V. Bivouacs will have limited resources such as running water and power, so riders and crews should prepare accordingly. Ample rations of drinking water will be provided upon entering the first bivouac. No unregistered support crew member may enter the bivouac.

Complementary catered breakfasts (3) and dinners (4) hosted by BAJA RALLY included in each entry. Support team members must register and pay $120 before the event. Participants must plan for their own mid-day meals. Meal service starts with dinner at the end of the first stage on Tuesday September 29th and concludes with hosted dinner at the end of the last day’s stages on Friday October 2, 2015. *Alcohol is not included in any meal.

Race fuel for all riders is included the entry fee. Riders must start Special Stage 1 with full tanks. All rally fuel provided thereafter. Riders should budget for and carry petty cash for emergency fueling situations in the event of an unforeseen accident or other uncontrollable incident with our fuel provider.

Each participant may register up to 4 individual support team members (16 years and older).
Paid registration is required for any and all rider support crew to enter any bivouac.
Support crew members must adhere to safe, sportsmanlike and respectable conduct during the rally. Excessive intoxication, rude or disrespectful conduct by a crew member reflects directly onto the rider and will result in prompt disqualification. SUPPORT TEAMS MAY NOT provide ANY outside assistance or support during the special stages*. Support teams must expect to camp each night the rally is away from Ensenada.*Extractions and rescues for stranded riders and broken equipment is permitted by support teams only after verbal authorization from Baja Rally officials.

3 post-stage encampment areas will house the rally participants after each day of special stages. The price of entry will include camping and meals for all entrants and their registered/paid support teams. Drinking water rations will be provided in the cantina at each bivouac. All participants must provide all of their own gear, extra food and water. Support teams will transfer to each day’s final destination bivouac camp and set up support systems for participants and bikes. Meals will be provided to paid participants and their registered, paid support staff only. No un-registered guests may enter any bivouac.

Our BAJA RALLY rulebook and technical requirements are currently being translated from Spanish to English and will be available in both languages for download form [url][/url] on or after November 15, 2014

Fuel Range:
Currently, riders must have at least 150 miles of fuel range. A final determination of fuel range for BAJA RALLY 3.0 will be made on December 1, 2014 concurrent with the opening of Advanced Pre-Registration.

Minimum Requirements
Rider must attest to road book rally experience, and deem themselves qualified and capable of managing road book navigation
Road book reader: Must be electric powered
Odometer: Must be electric and adjustable
Electronic compass (GPS or cap repeater)

GPS REQUIREMENT: Pending Announcement
The policy with compliance tracking is under review at this time and will be announced definitively on December 1, 2014 with the opening of pre-registration. BAJA RALLY will either:
A. Require riders to record their own tracks on their own GPS devices (Garmin Units only)
B. Provide riders with a tracking device & service paid for by BAJA RALLY.

*Please note that participants will need a device to display their “cap heading” for any off-trail navigation and to confirm they are traveling in the correct direction coming out of selected course notes. Therefore, any GPS unit which displays the numeric “cap heading” in a large, viewable format is favored over units which have the numeric “cap heading” in smaller, harder to read format.

Properly configured SPOT trackers are required and each rider must verify that he or she has a functioning device at registration.
***All participants must be able to demonstrate their SPOT Shared tracking page is functional to Baja Rally specifications during registration.

The course route for each of 4 days will remain a vague mystery until the evening prior to the first stage when the road book is handed to each rider after registration. The stages will be confined to within the boundaries of northern BAJA CA.

San Nicolas Hotel in Ensenada.
8:00AM Monday September 28, 2015

BAJA RALLY at [email][email protected][/email]


Special Thanks to SECTUR and the Federal Secretary of Tourism of Mexico

The BAJA RALLY is the only navigation-based motorcycle “rally raid” to be held in Baja, CA, Mexico. Using the same navigation criteria based on the world famous DAKAR Rally and World Rally Championship, this 5 day rally raid will test the riders’ endurance, speed and skill, as well as their ability to read terrain and the road books given to them prior to each stage.

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They have already seen the UTV’s racing in Mexico with great success in at Rally Playero events in the state of Oaxaca and the popularity of UTV’s is merging with new technology, making it easy and affordable to set the car up. With Rally Navigator, a web-based software app, user can easily make their own Dakar-style roadbooks to test and train with. Iphone app Rally Blitz is is an an adjustable GPS odometer and compass. For around $75, anyone with a UTV can get started.

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