BAJA RALLY Takes Aim in a New Direction for 2018

Motorcycles and UTVs Finish Their First Challenge at Las Cañadas Campamento!  

2018’s Prologue at Las Cañadas Campamento went off without a hitch, offering BAJA RALLY racers tight twists, a swift pace and a formidable road book. The first two bikes off the line were also the first bikes to cross the finish today, but that doesn’t mean they sat at the top of the results today. Though, it was UTV Pro, Javier Pelayo, who really impressed the crowd, leading the pack a few seconds faster than the motorcycles!

“Rally Pro is going to be the class to watch. With just seconds separating the top three in the Prologue. But SS1 will show their true colors.” – Victor

To add to the excitement, Scott Bright, 2014 Baja Rally champion and 2015 Dakar Rally finisher, has made the long trek from his hometown in Colorado to challenge 2017 titleholder Garrett Poucher for the #1 plate in the Rally Pro class. Not to mention, JCR Honda team rider, Colton Udall, put his name in the hat to keep the BR vets on their toes.

Big names and epic battles aside, the event is welcoming a long list of friends returning to give even more blood, sweat and tears to this race – and without whom the rally couldn’t exist. New to the roster is the Malle Moto class and the brave soul who came to challenge it. The ADV class is making another appearance to prove just how formidable big bikes are at Rally Raid.

With two BAJA RALLY champions back at the starting line looking to claim a 1stplace overall finish, as well as the addition of the Malle Moto class, an ADV presence, familiar faces and another huge turnout of UTVs, this year’s event is sure to be exhilarating to the very end!