Bangers & Mashers August

Bangers & Mashers is our new monthly re-cap of the best photos (Bangers & Mashers) from the world of off-road racing. A visual feast for your eyes. Open wide and enjoy!


August started with one of the most fun races of the year in Baja, The CODE Jacumé Grand Prix.

Jacumé GP had a little extra challenge with the rain during the race.

Class 11’s are the truly warriors of Baja.

Oraway Racing roosting at Jacumé.


From Baja to Vegas! BITD Vegas to Reno time.

Bryce Menzies was forced to start Vegas to Reno from the back of the pack after a rollover in qualifying the day before.

A quad rider diverts around a mud puddle early in the race at the BITD Vegas to Reno race.

Travis Chase throws his Class 1500 car into a turn chasing down the leaders at Vegas to Reno.

Silt swallows a racer charging hard to get to the finish line.

Driving well into the night racers battle all the elements to finish the longest offroad race in the US.

.Cognito having fun in the mud

Jagged X for the victory in the UTV Pro class at V2R.


Feature vehicle of the month.

Rough Riders Trophy TruckSteve Olliges new Rough Riders themed Trophy-Truck.

LOORS Wild Horse Motorsports park at Reno

Flames erupt from Casey Curries Prolite

A large field of Pro 2’s take the green flag in front of a sold out Reno crowd.

Casey Currie has a look of determination as he readies to qualify his Prolite for Round 11 of the LOORRS series in Reno.

A view from above shows the harsh enviroment short course racers have to battle through on their way to victory.

JR1 Trophy Kart kids go for a ride off the start of their race out at Glen Helen.

Rob Mac roosting.

Saturday night lights at Reno.

.Crashes are a regular part of short course.

Rob Mac coming thru.


TORC at Crandon International Speedway.

I got 99 problems, the big hous ain’t one. Welcome to the best short course race of the year, welcome to Crandon!

A Limited Buggy driver does his best to see out of a mud filled grill as rains drenched the Crandon track Friday.

45,000 fans sit and watch as the best short course racers in the country do battle in Crandon.

RJ Anderson showed up to the big house and was the fastest Pro 2 in the Amsoil Cup finishing third behind two Pro-4’s.

Nothing to see here, just Kyle Leduc and 45,000 of his closest friends.

Kyle Leduc showed up to Crandon and used his on the edge driving style to take the Amsoil Cup win and $45,000.

First race in Pro-2 in Crandon for RJ Anderson and he got 3rd at the Amsoil Cup.

Racing in Crandon is something very unique and special.

CJ Greaves pushing hard into the dust.

Toast of Champions.

Kyle LeDuc.

CJ Greaves got 3 podiums of 4 races, he’s was on fire.

Saturday was a total mud-storm, so much fun.

1/1 size R/C truck at Crandon.


That’s it, we are looking forward for September and all the off-road world have ready for Us. Share your Bangers with the hashtag #bangersandmashers we will pickup the best and you can win RDC t-shirts and more swag!