Banning Motorsports // Brings Home a 5th Place Finish for the BAJA 1000

The Banning Motorsports team headed down to Baja Mexico for the 50th Annual Baja 1000 SCORE International Off-Road Race.

There were about 27 Trophy Truck Specs in our class, along with 42 Trophy Trucks, 22 Class 1 cars, and 32 Class 10 cars. All starting right in front of our class. We got the truck to the starting line to take on the brutal 1135 race miles. The Banning Motorsports #255 truck would start 7th off the starting line.

Race Day
Lee Banning Sr and Chris Godfrey strapped in the truck first to take on the first portion of the course. As they fight dust the entire race they had a great run up to race mile 315. No issues what so ever. At race mile 315 the team decided to do a drivers change with Lee Banning Sr getting out and Steve Melton climbing in the front seat as Chris Godfrey would stay in the truck for another 300 miles.

The two had a great run as well getting through some heavy silt and soft sand but still bringing the truck to San Ignacio at race mile 605. Again Steve and Chris were able to move forward and still have a trouble free race. At race mile 605 the team has yet another driver change and also a navigator change. Steve and Chris got out here to turn it over to Rick Graf (Driver) and Jake Dewitt (Navigator). They got in for the run South to Loreto going from dark to early morning sunrise. At race mile 835 Rick and Jake were carrying on having a great run with no issues yet again and doing a driver change one last time.

With Rick and Jake getting out and handing the truck to Lee Banning Jr (Driver) and Adam Warren (Navigator) for the final run to the finish line. The guys were running a great pace and no issues for the remaining miles. The team finished early Friday morning with a 5th place finish in class and 25th overall finish for entire race. The truck ran flawless the whole 1135 miles with nothing but a few flat tires. The Banning team made every pit stop look easy and got the boys back on the road. Overall the team had a great race and brought home a top 5 finish with the truck in one piece.

A special thanks goes out to the Team, Sponsors, Supporters and our Family’s for letting us do this crazy thing called off-road racing. Without all of you this wouldn’t be possible!