Bark River, Michigan—After finishing first and second in rounds five and six
of the TRAXXAS TORC Series presented by AMSOIL in Oshkosh, Wisconsin
the Douglas Motorsports team was clearly on top of their game heading back
to Bark River International Raceway for rounds seven and eight. Douglas has
only missed the podium once this season and that was in round four when hard
contact from another truck took the number 7 AMSOIL Kumho Ford out of the

Douglas Motorsports
Douglas Motorsports
In practice Friday afternoon, Douglas
only completed one lap before the
primary race truck lost an engine.
Typically, that would mean a long
night of work by the crew to replace
the engine, but Douglas Motorsports
is one of the few professional short
course teams who come prepared
with a backup truck for just such
circumstance. The backup truck has
actually already won a race this
season; other than a few minor
differences, Scott is quite
comfortable jumping from one truck
to the other.

Douglas started round seven fourth on the grid and was able to stay out of the
fray through turns one and two and on the first lap picked off Steve Barlow for the
number three spot. Bark River’s high speed sections make it a very difficult place
to pass. Scott challenged the leaders several times but was unable to advance
finishing the race in third.

“We had a great run going and our plan was to be in the top three before the
mandatory yellow so we could go dicing with whoever was left. That worked out
and I was right there with them on the restart. The roost off the rear tires from
one truck is bad, but the roost of two is even worse. I had to try different lines
and do what they weren’t doing. Sometimes that works and I thought that was
my only chance but unfortunately wasn’t an advantage this time,” commented
Douglas on his sixth trip to the podium in seven rounds of TORC Series racing.

In practice Sunday morning, Scott broke a spindle in the rhythm section ripping
the right front tire from the truck. Bark River has a reputation for being hard on
equipment and that was certainly proving to be the case this weekend. The
Douglas Motorsports crew replaced the right front suspension assembly and
were confident that the few minor adjustments they made from Saturday’s setup
would deliver more speed on Sunday.

Douglas Motorsports
Douglas Motorsports
Douglas started round 8 on the
inside of row two and quickly
moved into the lead on the first
lap. Coming into turn one on the
second lap, the number 7
AMSOIL Kumho F-150 was
slammed with a one-two punch
from the Toyota’s of Johnny
Greaves and Rick Huseman.
Greaves slid into the right rear of
Douglas’ truck in the slick corner,
turning him. Then Huseman hit
the right front breaking the fender
and front bumper pushing his
way past. Fortunately, the
damage was mostly cosmetic
and Douglas got back on the gas

to chase down Huseman.

The contact was just the first of three times Douglas would be spun by other
trucks causing the loss of position. Each time Scott gathered it up and moved
back to the front. Douglas was running in second on the final lap with just four
turns to go when he was hit and spun for the final time dropping him back to
fourth just off the podium.

Understandably angry at the outcome, Scott commented “It’s a shame that
almost every pass today was made on heavy contact. The hood and fenders
have been on this truck for the past five races, we don’t drive that way. These
trucks are $250,000 pieces of art and they are out here driving like we are in
demolition derby cars.”

Rounds 9 and 10 of the 2010 TRAXXAS TORC Series presented by AMSOIL are
scheduled for August 25th and 26th at the Route 66 Speedway in Chicagoland,
IL. Douglas Motorsports would like to thank all their great fans and sponsors,
including; AMSOIL, Kumho Tires, Baileigh Industrial, KC Hilites, MasterCraft
Seats, Fox Shox, Walker Evans Racing Wheels, Raceline Oil Pumps, Miller
Electric, BorgWarner, Ringers Gloves, Hawk Performance, Howe Performance
Power Steering, J&H Transmission, MSD, Peterson Fluid Systems, and Phil’s