Battle for the Benjamins at the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Challenge Cup

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Phoenix’s Firebird Raceway two battles took place, the lightweights; the Pro Lites Vs. Unlimited Buggies and the heavyweights; the Pro 2s Vs. the Pro4s.  Both of the cup challenges were filled with mayhem and non-stop action as viewers were in sensory overload not knowing what too watch as there was too much action.
Pro-Lites Vs. Unlimited Buggies
The Pro-Lites started at the front of the pack with the Buggies starting in the rear.  The action was fast and furious with a total 24 competitors, Marty Hart got off to a lead and some of the faster buggies made their way through the field of Pro-Lites.  It’s not everyday that you see a buggie nerfing a truck in mid-air, but this race was filled with it.
At the mandatory caution, Hart still had the lead, followed by Doug Fortin, Justin Davis, Brian Deegan and Cameron Steele.  The buggies quickly got around Hart, but Deegan pullle off an amazing pass and pulled into second place.  Deegan chased Fortin around the short track, but was unable to catch him at the checkered flag.
1st – Doug Fortin $20,000
2nd – Brian Deegan $10,000
3rd – Justin Davis $5,000
Pro 2s Vs. Pro 4s
This was an epic battle of the big boys.  Featuring 12 Pro2s and 14 Pro4s, there was maximum banging and bumping to be witnessed as the faster Pro4s were given a 15 second delay to the start of the race.  The race was packed with spectacular crashes as drivers pushed their vehicles to the limit and in many cases over the limit.  There was a total of two restarts, which allowed the Pro4s to quickly catch up and mix it up with the Pro2s.
It’s impossible to describe the carnage that took place during the race, because it was happening everywhere at once.  You look in one direction and you see a driver blasting through a berm on the course, in the other direction a vehicle in flipping end-over-end.  It was non-stop and remarkable to behold.
In the end, Kyle Leduc pulled to the front in his Pro4, followed closely by Bryce Menzies in his Pro2.  Carl Renezeder battled with Bryce, but due to a flat front right tire, couldn’t put it all together to get around Bryce.  Only 15 vehicles managed to finish the race.
1st – Kyle Leduc $30,000
2nd – Bryce Menzies $15,000 plus $1,000 for Pro2 win
3rd – Carl Renezeder $7,500
Now we have to wait until March for more short course race action.  See you next year at the races.