Battling the Troubling Trend of Declining Participation – We Need Your Help

Battling the Troubling Trend of Declining ParticipationWe Need Your Help

Groups have a louder voice than an individual.  It is easier to get work accomplished when there is a good team of people pulling in the right direction.  We are all social animals and sometimes we need to participate in activities with others and sharing our passions can elevate our experiences.  This is all true for nearly anything in which we engage.  OHV recreation is no exception.

A troubling trend that has been bubbling to the surface recently is that OHV clubs are having difficulty finding and retaining new club members.  At the end of this article are a couple best practice stories that NOHVCC has become aware of that resulted in increased engagement.  But we are asking you – our dedicated group of State Partners, enthusiasts, agency friends and extended OHV family to provide any examples of clubs finding ways to attract new members so that we can share them with others (see below).

A common refrain from recreation (motorized or non-motorized) club leaders is that younger people seem less likely to join or participate in clubs.  Perhaps they don’t understand the need to be engaged, maybe they want to engage, but aren’t sure how, or perhaps we need to find a way to make clubs more appealing.  Most likely all the above (and more) reasons are true at the same time.

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