Best In The Desert’s Trick Truck Challenge Cup ~ a battle to the end…$108,000 Already Paid Out – plus an $18,000 Bonus! –

Best In The Desert’s Trick Truck Challenge Cup ~ a battle to the end…$108,000 Already Paid Out – plus an $18,000 Bonus!

Best In The Desert is proud to announce that the Trick Truck Challenge has been a huge success for the 2011 racing season.  Twenty-Two (22) of the best racers in the country put in an additional $5000 for prize money to be paid out to the top 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place Trick Truck winners in each of the five Best In The Desert races.  The prize money added up to $108,000 paid out and another $18,000 will be paid out as a Year-End Bonus to the 1st, 2ndand 3rd place year-end winners.  Now that is some serious money to take home by racing Best In The Desert; plus the Best In The Desert payback class money, any way you look at it the Trick Truck 1st Place winner is going home with a lot of money!

The Trick Truck race is still up for grabs and will be one of the closest races ever followed by all race enthusiasts.  In Best In The Desert a racer must start all five races, but can throw out their lowest points.  This means that the Trick Truck race is actually a battle to the end, this is how it plays out after you have dropped the racers lowest scores going into the TransWest Ford Henderson “250”:

Steve Strobel                        333 points

BJ Baldwin                        332 points            1 point difference from 1st

John Swift                        327 points            6 point difference from 1st

Steve Sourapas            318 points            15 point difference from 1st

Bobby Baldwin            315 points            18 point difference from 1st

Greg Nunley                        311 points            22 point difference from 1st

Adam Householder            302 points            31 point difference from 1st


Truck Truck Challenge Cup participants:


1)            Adam Householder            # 24

2)            BJ Baldwin                         #   1

3)            Ed Stout                         # 13

4)            Greg Nunley                        # 10

5)            Jerry Zaiden                         # 75

6)            Jesse Jones                         # 76

7)            Jimmy Nuckles             # 48

8)            Kevin McGillivray            # 56

9)            Lloyd Sproule                         # 65

10)            Marc Ewing                         # 68

11)            Mark Weyhrich            #   9

12)            Rich Voss                        # 35

13)            Rick D. Johnson            # 71

14)            Rob MacCachren             # 30

15)            Scott Whipple                         # 95

16)            Shawn Croll                         # 32

17)            Steve Croll                         # 33

18)            Steve Olliges/Swift            # 28

19)            Steve Sourapas            #   6

20)            Steve Strobel                        # 94

21)            Tim Herbst                         # 19

22)            Troy Herbst                         # 49


There is a lot on the line and this means it has come down to the last race of the year, the TransWest Ford Henderson “250”!  Good luck to all of our racers, be safe and have fun!  Casey Folks, Director

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