The best photos of 2017: Part I [of II]

Can you believe is already the year 2018? anyways, here we are and it’s time to look back at the best photos took by our photographers, first in line the work and words of E. Araiza, enjoy the eye candy!

Best in the Desert

BITD has become my training area, year by year shooting the same races can be creative exhausting so we as photographers are always looking for fresh photos that show the roughness and beauty of the sport, luckily for us, Off-Road can offer a little bit more than a few banked turns on pavement so here’s my favorite frames of the 2017 BITD season.

Roosting. | Parker 425 | Parker, AZ

Who did it better? DeZert Assassins or Terrible Herbst? | Vegas to Reno | Las Vegas, NV

This was the last season of Lalo Laguna with RPM Off-Road, thank you Lalo for great frames all this past years. | Laughlin DeZert Classic | Laughlin, NV

Cloud maker. | Pahrump 250 | Pahrump, NV

DeZert textures. | Laughlin DeZert Classic | Laughlin, NV

Danger. | Pahrump 250 | Pahrump, NV

On the chase. | Laughlin DeZert Classic | Laughlin, NV

Red sunsets. | Vegas to Reno | Las Vegas, NV

I love g-outs | The Mint 400 | Jean, NV

For a moment, we own Las Vegas. | The Mint 400 | Las Vegas, NV

Vegas to Reno sunsets. | Vegas to Reno | Somewhere in between.

Vegas to Reno sunsets II. | Vegas to Reno | Somewhere in between.

Like a paved road. | Vegas to Reno | Somewhere in between.

Everything will be ok. | Parker 425 | Parker, AZ

The Off-Road Sunset. | Parker 425 | Parker, AZ


Feature Vehicles

This two are by far my favorite “studio” sessions I ever done, the first one right on the streets of Ensenada after contingency and the Bronco was done right at the parking lot of San Nicolas Hotel, not bad for a street studio, right?

Not your average rally subaru. | Baja 500 | Ensenada, Mx

El Caballo del Diablo | Mexican 1000 | Ensenada, Mx



For the first time I had the opportunity to shoot a world class WRC event, the WRC Rally Mexico on the beautiful city of Guanajuato on the very center of Mexico, I think RDC needs more Rally stuff, don’t you agree?

I can’t tell you how amazing this event is until you see it by yourself. | Rally Mexico | Guanajuato, Mx

You can get pretty dusted out like a normal off-road race back in Baja | Rally Mexico | Silao, Mx

Coolest Citroen ever. | Rally Mexico | Guanajuato, Mx

Kris Meeke became my second favorite driver of the WRC | Rally Mexico | Guanajuato, Mx

No mistakes allowed. | Rally Mexico | Silao, Mx

I love dust even when I’m allergic to it. | Rally Mexico | Silao, Mx

The fans here are as crazy for the sport as in back home. | Rally Mexico | Guanajuato, Mx



Simply the best place on Earth. Here I put my best work not only from SCORE races but also NORRA, RECORD and CODE. It doesn’t matter if you are in the Baja 1000 driving a Trophy-Truck or a Class 5/1600 racing a RECORD race, the beauty of Baja doesn’t recognize social status.

I will never get tired of Baja sunrises. | SCORE Baja 1000 | La Paz, Mx

DeZert textures II | CODE La Hechicera GP | Tecate, Mx

Silt heaven. | NORRA Mexican 1000 | Comondú, Mx

Fast and narrow. | SCORE Tijuana DeZert Challenge | Tijuana, Mx

Silt is fun. | SCORE Baja 1000 | La Paz, Mx

Chasing the camera. | NORRA Mexican 1000 | Ensenada, Mx

No passing. | SCORE Baja 1000 | Ensenada, Mx

Legend’s Rally scenery. | The Legends Rally | Ensenada, Mx

After two days in the deZert, the fight was over. | SCORE Baja 1000 | La Paz, Mx

Not in Baja. | SCORE Baja 1000 Qualify | Las Vegas, NV


Dirt Sessions

Private sessions where we can do whatever we want for the shoot, the limit is our imagination.

A Pro-4 set loose in the dunes. | Rj Anderson | Glamis, CA

A Pro-4 set loose in the dunes II | Rj Anderson | Glamis, CA

The Rubicon trail. | Shelby Hall | Lake Tahoe, NV

Yep, imagination is the only limit. | Rj Anderson XP1K4 | San Diego, CA

Family business. | Kristen and Wayne Matlock | Tecate, Mx

We set loose Rob Mac, the result was precision driving. | Rob MacCachren | Ensenada, Mx

I can trust Rob Mac enough to be this close. | Rob MacCachren | Ensenada, Mx

Red Silt. | Rob MacCachren | Ensenada, Mx

We also set Apdali loose and well, maybe we set him loose too much. | Apdali Lopez | San Felipe, Mx

This has to be one of the greatest Trophy-Truck sessions ever done. | Apdali Lopez | San Felipe, Mx

Everything we do as photographers is to bring you the best posible frame, at least is what I’m trying to do at every single race risking my equipment or worse things, is it worth it? Absolutely!

Cheers for a much better 2018.