BGR20 – STAGE 11 – Despite todays technical issues Buggyra Racing is on course to the finish

Despite today’s technical issues, Buggyra Racing is on course to the finish line

Thursday saw the 2nd part of the marathon stage, which brought multiple issues to the both Buggyra Racing drivers – Martin Šoltys and Josef Macháček. While the Tatra Phoenix crew dropped to the 11th place in the Truck category, the Can-Am Buggyra MK50 XRS has improved by one place.

Martin Šoltys and his crew had a good run today until issues with servo pump forced them to slow down. “It was a real Dakar stage. First, there were some challenging dunes where we even had to reverse to make it out of there. After the neutral zone, we lost our servo pump. We had only short screws with us, so the provisional fix lasted only for 50 kilometres. To make it even worse, our turbo hose blew up. We had a rough day, but we’re glad that we’ve made it. I hope that we’ll successfully finish this year’s Dakar tomorrow,” said the Tatra Phoenix driver who is currently sitting in the 11th place overall in the Truck category.

But even Buggyra Racing’s SSV category entrant did not have a problem-free day. “Today’s stage was very difficult. It went nicely through the desert and the organisers had it really well thought out. But it looks like the weather had different plans. It must have had rained here recently so it was actually easy to drive, otherwise, it would have been a tough one. The 2nd part was crazy hard. You had to be fully concentrated. We’ve lost plenty of time by changing a belt, but other than that, we were enjoying it,“ said Josef Macháček who set the 20th fastest time today.

On Friday, the crews will face the final 12th stage. The organisers have warned the drivers that they should not expect an easy one, as the whole stage has 447 kilometres, out of which 374 kilometres will be timed. Next to the gravel roads and sand, there will be also another 40 kilometres in the dunes.

TRUCKS – 11th stage results
1. Karginov/Mokeev/Leonov Kamaz 4:44:51 hours
2. Sotnikov/Akhmadeev/Akhmetzianov Kamaz + 01:27 mins
3. Shibalov/Nikitin/Tatarinov Kamaz + 03:25 mins

19. Šoltys/Schovánek/Šikola TATRA Buggyra + 1:36:19 hours

TRUCKS – results after the 11th stage
1. Karginov/Mokeev/Leonov Kamaz 45:04:55 hours
2. Shibalov/Nikitin/Tatarinov Kamaz + 39:33 mins
3. Viazovich/Haranin/Zaparoshchanka MAZ-GYRTECH + 1:52:14 mins

11. Šoltys/Schovánek/Šikola TATRA Buggyra + 6:40:12 hours

SSV – 11th stage results
1. Contardo/Vinagre Can-Am 4:59:51 hours
2. Domzala/Marton Can-Am + 10:53 mins
3. Rautenbach/Praza PH Sport + 12:36 mins

20. Macháček/Tošenovský Can-Am Buggyra + 58:26 mins

SSV – results after the 11th stage
1. Currie/Berriman Can-Am 51:39:32 hours
2. Kariakin/Vlasiuk Can-Am + 45:33 mins
3. Contardo/Vinagre Can-Am + 57:32 mins

27. Macháček/Tošenovský Can-Am Buggyra + 21:15:08 hours