BITD Parker 425 Photos

Robby Gordon took the overall win today at the 2012 BITD Parker 425, winning over Troy Herbst and Ryan Arciero by 4 minutes. Gordon’s overall time was 14 minutes faster then Jesse Jones time last year, which was attributed to a fast first lap on a smooth course. As time went on the course got more chewed up and vehicles starting falling to what Parker does best, cause DNF’s. TSCO Racing and the Weyrich brothers put up a good showing with Mark finishing 3rd overall and 2nd in Trick Truck, while brother Gary battled from starting 70th to finish 15th overall. Coming in second place in Class 1500 was Ray Griffith, after qualifying 4th on Thursday he kept a fast pace to put him in the same spot overall.

Of the top 20 overall vehicles, only 6 of them qualified in the top 20. While qualifying towards the top is typically an advantage, in a race like Parker where attrition takes it toll, just finishing the race is a battle.

Unofficial Overall Leaders
Place Name # Time Starting Position
1 ROBBY GORDON 1537 7:18.50 3
2 TROY HERBST 49 7:23.01 18
3 MARK WEYHRICH 9 7:26.12 16
4 RAY GRIFFITH 1553 7:34.12 4
5 JUAN CARLOS LOPEZ f18 7:36.35 19
6 MIKE CHILDRESS 1565 7:37.51 12
7 JIMMY NUCKLES 48 7:45.21 11
8 ADAM HOUSEHOLDER 24 7:46.28 22
9 OLLIGES/SWIFT 28 7:49.08 29
10 BJ BALDWIN 1 7:50.13 2
11 JUSTIN DAVIS 1513 7:50.53 41
12 RICHARD BOYLE 1563 7:50.59 36
13 JON WALKER 1589 7:58.49 50
14 SHELBY REID 1568 8:01.35 31
15 GARY WEYHRICH 98 8:03.14 70
16 TRAVIS CHASE 1595 8:04.08 28
17 RICKY BRABEC 1582 8:07.53 59
18 BRAD ETTER 1560 8:12.38 51
19 TODD JERGENSEN 1551 8:14.28 32
20 GARRICK FREITAS 1572 8:16.19 27

Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography

awesome pics !!!
  • M
    Michael Stroh Sr.
  • February 5, 2012
BTD support for the drivers/race vehicles sucks. Drivers spend large amounts of money to race BTD, and not have timely support and some walk out. BTD needs to change in alot of ways!

But the pictures were great, looked like a very rough coarse.
He's really pissed off from Dakar!!!!
Watch out everybody!!!
New car!!!!same bad ass driver!!
  • M
    Mark Longfield
  • February 6, 2012
Dear Michael Stroh Sr.

As one of the BITD volunteers that is very familiar with the course in general, I'd like to fill you in on the area. The majority of the course is very remote - it is the only route available in most cases. The BITD recovery crews do stellar work in accessing the locations they can safely. Racers are always welcome to walk to our locations around the track, or they can wait until it's safe for retrieval, after dark. At our location race near Cunningham Wash vehicles were running at 100+ MPH in heavy dust - no place for a slow moving tow/recovery truck.

Take care,

Nice pic of the bug. Any more?