BJ Baldwin Crowned Mr. Mint 2011

After a brief voting period, interview, and 400 miles of flawless racing BJ Baldwin was crowned Mr. Mint for 2011. Starting off with the pole, Baldwin never gave up the top spot running 4 clean laps around a brutal, rocky, silty course. Following BJ was his father Bobby’s truck who was piloted by Chad Ragland for the first three laps, with Bobby getting in on lap 4 to bring her to a second place finish in Trophy Truck and also overall.

Getting his first Class 1 win was Mikey Childress, who along with the Baldwins gave General Tire and Monster Energy the top three spots overall.

After the first lap of the day the Nevada desert already started taking its toll as gaps widened, and cars began to drop off. The Mint course is known for being a tough one, and the 2011 race was no exception. Every lap that went by the ruts would get deeper, and more rocks would crawl from underneath the dirt waiting for the unsuspecting bellypan.

– Roger Norman was just outside of BJ’s dust most of the day until an alternator problem put them behind a bit.
– Camburg Racing brought in hired gun Jerry Welchel to drive the #75 Trophy Truck.
– Canidae Racing did their best impersonation of Cameron Steele over the qualifying jump.
– Class 11 #1189 was no where to be found on the race course for photos. Must of been in someones dust.
– Scheelers trophy truck seems to have some sort of device in the front bumper that attracts it to the ground. The media thanks you.
– SNORE put on another great event and keeps flourishing while “others” “struggle” “for” “entries”.
– BJ Baldwin is the first official Mr. Mint
– Its 1:50am so I’m going to bed.



Thanks RaceDezert for your coverage of OffRoadRacing !
I am so sorry I was not able to attend the Mint! It has a special place in my heart as I started going to the Mint in the early 80's! I just wonder if the racers of today realize just how special they are to carry on the tradion of winning the "Mint" and following in such great "past winners"! Congrats!
Great job HighRev!! I love the shots of the 51 blowing rocks everywhere! Great action! The TV was a great prop too. Great job, sorry I missed the fun!

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