Bluewater Desert Challenge – Saturday

Blue water Desert Challenge


How do you like your dust? Thick? Heavy? Blinding? This years Blue Water Desert Challenge had plenty of all. “The worst dust ever!” was said by many drivers.

The top winner of today’s race in TT was Steve Sourapas “It was pretty uneventful, most races you do well in are like that.” Said Steve, “We ran 5thfor awhile and got past a few guys here and there. On the third lap we were just a few seconds behind Housholder and he broke a wheel with about six or seven miles to go.”

Steve Sourapas on his way to day 1's win in Trick Truck

“At first the dust was just terrible, like Mint 400 dust, but once the trucks got stretched out a bit it wasn’t that bad.” “Our truck ran a bit hot but nothing to really worry about, Scott Prill did an amazing job on prepping it.” “We’re half way home, we just got to do it again tomorrow.”

Starting in the 4th spot in the third row along side Mike Childress, Chuck Hovey took top honors in class 1500. “We were dicing it right off the start and I hit some freshly watered track and almost slid into Childress.” Said Hovey, “From there we had a battle; the dust was really bad on the first lap.” “ Every time I’d pull up on Mike a big plume of dust would come up and I couldn’t see anything. I finally got around Mike around RM17 or 18 but while I was trying to get around him- Shannon (Campbell) had stretched out a good lead on me and Kyle (Conlon) had made up a bunch of time on me.” “So I said -time to turn it up! – And closed it up on Campbell and we won by 7 seconds.”

Chuck Hovey charging hard for his win in Class 1500

“When I was driving back to the pit, I was really feeling good about the win, but that was when I smelt trans fluid.” “When I got out I found a 2in x ½ in. hole in the trans and all the fluid was gone.” “ We don’t have a spare trans here so unfortunately we’re done for the weekend.” “It’s a real bummer but I am happy to have the win today.”

Tomorrow is a will be another full day of racing on a rougher and maybe even dustier track, RDC will be there to bring you the action.

Stay tuned-

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    Jeff Parker
  • October 21, 2011
The race in Parker was extremely dusty but we had the answer to that. Its good to know the right people in a small town like Parker, it only took 1 call and the answer to the dust problems were over, "Water Truck". That day we had to make that call 3 times and the last of the water was to be sprayed over the crowd of fans to cool them off, not one complaint from anyone who got wet.