Breaking Records Taking Names

That is exactly what Justin Davis did. Justin has become the youngest solo driver to ever win the Baja 1000 in a class one car and the youngest to take home a class one championship. “I am just really lucky to have this chance and be able to drive these race cars, without my family and my crew this would have never been possible,” Justin said after the win. Justin started the 44th annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 dead last and drove through the pack of twenty-four  well talented class one car drivers, beating some of the best there is in the business. “Our plan was to really pace ourselves, all we had to do was finish and we would take home the championship,” said Justin. “When we found out our time splits we just went for it, I was in it to win it. “

After losing the Baja 500 this year by a few minutes it was evident that Justin was on a mission the last 150 miles of the race.  “The San Matias pit told me that John Herder was behind the wheel of the Wilson’s car and coming fast, so I tried to focus on no mistakes and drive my own race. I have to say through the beach section my new ridgid lights really worked great.  At the final pit at the meadow my team really got me in and out fast and the Wilson’s car was right behind me as I pulled out.  We had a great run to the finish and after sixteen hours in the car I was excited to see my whole team at the finish line to cheer me on”.

Justin started his 2011 season with a bang with the debut of his class one car.  He became the youngest to win in his class at the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge taking first place. This was just a start to a winning season.

Justin stated, “This Baja 1000 was by far the toughest race I’ve ever raced and to be able to solo it and win the race was a huge success for me. I have not had a flat all year, thanks to my General Tires. I don’t think any tire company can top that, but General Tire.”

I really want to thank my crew chief Josh O’Neil he has really nailed it since being in charge of the car, and my whole GreenArmy crew. I would like to thank my sponsors General Tire, King Shocks best in the business, Sunoco Fuels, DST, Jamar Performance Products thanks for letting me stop all year, Fast-Aid , CBR Radiators, Clint you’ve  been such a good friend and supporter , Ridgid Led Lighting for lighting up the desert so we could go for the win , PPM Ryan best axles ever ,  Slime , Dave Folts Transmissions ,  Nickhead at Kartek, Kroyer  the motor choice for champions , Mark at Straightedge for making the car look awesome. I would also like to thank my co-drivers Troy Holes and Jordan Kundert, Jordan thank you for tuning my shocks and all your help. A special thanks to my sister Ashley, my mom Kim and my dad Kevin for their unwavering support, also thank you to my media guys Scott Bridges, Greg Wetzel, and Bryan Moore.

Written By: Bryan Moore

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  • November 28, 2011
We are so proud of you Justin!!! Love your Auntie and Uncle Mike
  • N
  • November 28, 2011
How old was he?
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    Rick Welch
  • November 28, 2011
Great job for a youngster BUT Mr. Davis (dad) should get a BIG thumbs up for the credit and the win he is the driving force and funds this promising new driver and with out good old dad he wouldn’t be zip---------
Something’s need to be addressed and recognized like good old dad---
This is a team effort but the guy that deserves the credit it the old man he is the man-------
  • B
  • November 29, 2011
110% effort by all who made this possible.
Justin hats off to your Professional driving career which is well underway.
To your continued success in 2012!

"The Drifter"