Brenthel Gen 3 Race Trucks Made For Drivers

Brenthel Gen 3 Race Trucks Made For Drivers

Murrieta, CA

Trophy Trucks, and Spec Trucks are amazing machines that incorporate the latest off road racing technology. Despite all the development done by builders, many designs still come up short when it comes to the most critical component; the driver. Brenthel’s Gen 3 truck design was created with the driver fully integrated into the thought processes. The Gen 3 has all the mechanical enhancements that 15 years’ of experience in truck design, and fabrication has created, but also optimizes driver comfort and ergonomics. The driver’s compartment is spacious. The dash is intelligently laid out to reduce distractions, and forward vision is excellent. Not only was computer generated fluid dynamics used to develop the body shape, but reducing the blind spot in front from the hood was purposely dealt with before the body buck was carved out of a single piece of foam on a CNC mill.

There is plenty going on inside the cab to aid driver comfort, but there are mechanical enhancements that are as equally dramatic. The steering design offers incredible strength, and easy serviceability, but its articulating design eliminates the bump steer found on many competitors’ designs. As the suspension cycles, the steering moves in a predictable arc that allows the driver to point and shoot the truck regardless of how rough the turns are. According to Trophy Truck and Class One racer Josh Daniels “In other trucks you have to rotate the rear of the truck around so you can hit the bumps straight on in the corners or the wheel will get ripped out of your hands. Huge whooped out turns, and square edged holes are no problem in the Gen 3. I’ve never driven a truck that steers like that. You can drive deep into the corner, and just turn the wheel with no kick back. The reason I got into racing was because I like to go fast. I am a little partial because of the big block motor package from Danzio being in the truck, but the Gen 3 just handles bitchin. The comfort, speed, and handling are unlike anything else.”

Long time racer Chuck Dempsey has raced many different vehicles off road, and he agrees. “It’s a very comfortable truck to drive, and it’s fast. Many trucks just feel cumbersome, and the cab design does not flow; you just don’t feel comfortable in them. I drive a Brenthel Gen 2 in BITD, and another brand in SCORE. The difference you feel in the Gen 3 is like night and day. I hopped in for one lap with no adjustments, and the truck felt perfect. The motor is a beast. It feels more like a bike because when you get on the throttle it will get light and practically wheelie over an obstacle. When you combine the vision out the front with how responsive and powerful it is, it’s definitely something you can win with.”

Brenthel’s Gen 3 truck is 100% new from the ground up. Suspension travel has increased front and rear. The fuel cell holds 97 useable gallons of fuel. Every aspect has been scrutinized and enhanced. The weight and the balance of the truck, when combined with the steering and engine, makes a truck that handles effortlessly. Many of the components are machined from billet material. Body panels are constructed of carbon fiber for optimal strength to weight properties. If you race to win, the Gen 3 is for you.

When you combine the performance of the Gen 3 with arrive and drive packages or pit support services provided by Brenthel, it’s easier, and more cost effective than ever to run up front. Don’t wait for the competition to gain an edge on you. Give Brenthel a call today to find out more about the Gen 3 at (949) 642-3003.

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