Brenthel Industries Revamped Site Launched PR :: Bink Designs 2011 -

Brenthel Industries Revamped Site Launched PR :: Bink Designs 2011

Santee, CA – April 1st, 2011

Bink Designs is proud to announce the unveiling of their latest collaboration, a website for the designers and builders of high-end vehicles and bolt-on truck suspension systems, Brenthel Industries. Brian Binkert owner of Bink Designs commented “We are extremely pleased on how this project turned out. We worked hard to provide Brenthel with a site that reflects their company’s own design philosophy of uncomplicated functionality”. The Bink designed site showcases Brenthels extensive line of products and services with loads of info and stunning photography. The easy to navigate site will have you coming back again and again for the latest news on the company’s cutting edge projects.


Brenthel offers complete design services from concept through working prototypes all done in computer generated 3d solid modeling and utilizes the latest in Finite element analysis software to verify concept feasibility before a single part is made. Each part has a self fixturing design which when used in conjunction with their 6” thick, Blanchard ground assembly table ensures each build is constructed as close to the 3d computer model as humanly possible. Brenthel can design and construct any type of turn-key vehicle you desire and have several existing chassis designs available for professional off-road competition or just plain fun. They also do manufacturing and prototyping for military and civilian industries.


“We chose Bink designs because we like their work,” said Jonathan Brenthel, head of sales and marketing for the company that bears his and brother Jordan Brenthel. “Our business is based on quality, innovation and with an emphasis on esthetics. We consistently get those same qualities from Bink Designs. They have always delivered something special when asked and have never missed a deadline in the four years that we have been working together. That’s important to someone who works in such a fast-paced environment like we do”.


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