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Brenthel Luxury Prerunner A.O.K. with Nick Baldwin


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Baja California, Mexico

Nick Baldwin, his son Cole and Brian Nix took the Brenthel Luxury Prerunner over one thousand miles to San Jose Del Cabo Baja, Mexico during the NORRA Mexican 1000. They finished third in their class with the AC running full blast and Bob Seger blaring through the speakers. It all started when Nick decided to race the truck, built in 2010, in the NORRA 1000. Brenthel did a full prep on the truck and then put it through 300 test miles in Barstow to make sure it was perfect.

Nick Baldwin, Brian Nix, Brenthel Industries Luxury Prerunner

“I am very impressed with the Luxury Prerunner,” says Brian Nix, “We ran trouble free with only minor issues that had no effect on our race. After each stage we changed the air filter, double checked the bolts, topped off the fluids and of course, washed the windshield. We went through some of the roughest stuff I’ve ever seen and it was smooth sailing the whole way. I have to thank Kevin Fitzgerald for hooking us up with a set of Method Racing Wheels. We went the whole way on the same set of BFG projects with no flats. We rolled into Cabo without a scratch.”

“Brenthel builds some great $***,” said Nick Baldwin in his trademark candor, “We were the only truck in the race running air conditioning. I drove the whole 1200 plus miles and it was… comfortable. I want to thank Brian, my son Cole and the whole AOK crew for a great job and their great attitudes the whole way. NORRA put on a great event. Dusty, who was waving the flag at the start really pumped everyone up with her enthusiasm.

Brenthel Prerunner, Brenthel Indusries, Nick Baldwin, NORRA 1000, Bink Designs

We want to thank NORRA and the racers for their kind donations. We had Walker Evans and a bunch of others at Costco where we filled 17 shopping karts with food, supplies and toys for Casa Hogarorphanages.” For those of you unfamiliar with Nick’s organization AOK (Acts Of Kindness), they do random acts of kindness for strangers and contribute their time and money to help rebuild schools and supply much-needed food and supplies to orphanages and needy people in Mexico and around the world.

Nick’s Brenthel Luxury Prerunner has the engineering and design of a Trophy Truck with all the comforts of a fine luxury car. Just because you are racing 1000 miles of brutal Baja terrain, doesn’t mean you can’t do it with a little style. According to Brian Nix, “We could replace the fluids and do it again.”

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Photography By: Brian Binkert
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