Broc Dickerson Aimed For The Stars In 2015 And Hit Them!!

Broc Dickerson Racing 2015 PR

Broc Dickerson Aimed For The Stars In 2015 And Hit Them!!

Brawley, CA

Broc Dickerson set lofty goals in 2015. The versatile and talented young racer competed in multiple series, driving vastly different race vehicles. Winning a single championship takes 100% commitment. Broc’s goal was to win six. Surely, nobody could pull off such a feat; not even Broc, but five out of six is not bad. When you are chasing a championship, even minute details become incredibly significant. The logistics, preparation, determination, and driving talent, needed to pull off five championships, are incomprehensible to anyone outside a few of the most accomplished racers on the planet. The single championship goal that was not met still resulted in a third place podium.

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“Our goal this year was to win as many championships as we could, and make a name for ourselves in the LOORRS (Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series) Pro Lite class,” said Broc, “We feel we did that and got valuable seat time for our run at the rookie of the year title and a Pro Lite championship in LOORRS next season. It was a lot of hard work, we couldn’t have done it without our sponsors; Ultra Wheels, Walker Evans Racing, Maxxis Tires and DASA Racing.”

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Broc was the youngest driver ever to place in the top five during a LOORRS Pro Lite class race; it was his first time racing Pro Lite in the professional series. Broc and his dedicated crew entered 68 total races in 2015. Racing in three separate series; the Lucas Oil Arizona Regional Series, the Lucas Oil Southern California Regional Series, and the LOORRS pro series his results are as follows:

Lucas Oil Arizona Regional Series
– Classes Competed in: Mod Kart, Limited Buggy & Pro Lite
– Results: Won 3 Championships

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Lucas Oil Southern California Regional Series
– Classes Competed in: Limited Buggy & Pro Lite.
– Results: Won 2 Championships
– * Youngest driver to ever win a Regional series Pro Lite race, at 13 years old. He won in his first ever Regional series Pro Lite race competing against 18 other trucks. The field included several pro series regulars.

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Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series
– Classes Competed in: Mod Kart & Pro-Lite
– Results: Mod Kart – 3rd In Championship
– Pro Lite – * Youngest Driver to finish Top 5 in a LOORRS Pro Lite race; his first LOORRS Pro Lite race at Estero Beach, Baja Mexico.

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“This year’s regional series and the few national series races I ran taught me a lot about the Pro Lite class,” says Broc, “I have learned from my mistakes, so I believe we can make a serious run for a LOORRS Pro Lite championship and a Rookie of the year title. I am excited to start testing next week and will be sharing some exciting new developments in the beginning of 2016.”

Photography By: Bink Designs & GoTime Photography

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About Broc Dickerson
Broc Dickerson is an amazing racer whose determination is only eclipsed by his long list of accomplishments. In 2015, he won five championships while racing simultaneously in three separate short course racing series. He also became the youngest driver, at age 13, to place in the top five during Pro Lite class competition in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series; a feat he accomplished twice; racing against multi-time champions and seasoned professionals. Broc’s ambitions are bolstered by his incredible drive and amazing talent behind the wheel.

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