Bryce Menzies Back With Baja Designs

Las Vegas, NV

Bryce Menzies joins the list of racers who demand only the best lighting equipment available. Menzies relied on Baja Designs at the beginning of his racing career and over the years he and the Scientists of Lighting have converged again on a similar trajectory; to become the best. A versatile and talented driver with a long list of racing accomplishments; Menzies will be busy in 2017. He will be racing Best In The Desert, SCORE, the TORC and Lucas Oil Off Road Series in both Pro-2 and Pro-4, and he will compete in 5 international rallies in the Mini X-Raid series. When your schedule is so demanding, and so diverse, you need the Scientists of Lighting at Baja Designs.    

“I’m thrilled to return to Baja Designs.  I got started running Baja Designs lights so it’s nice to return to the BD family. Driving at night is such a crucial component to racing that you need to have the best lighting possible. I’m really looking forward to taking Baja Designs into the winner’s circle with me!” said Bryce Menzies.

The entire Baja Designs team is equally thrilled to have Bryce back. “We are so happy to have Bryce Menzies back as part of the Baja Designs family.  The Menzies Motorsports team is filled with talented and passionate people and that is right in line with Team BD,” Deanne Moore, Baja Designs CEO.

Baja Designs takes pride in breaking barriers when it comes to lighting performance and Bryce Menzies takes the same approach. Last year he set out to see how far he could jump his Pro-2 race truck through the air; the record at the time was nearly 300 feet. Bryce shattered the record by 80 feet; sailing an amazing 379.4 feet. He could not have done it without courage, a deep trust in his crew, and the best equipment available. That’s why he’s making the switch to Baja Designs.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY / Bink Designs & Menzies Motorsports

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