Bryce Menzies Doubles Down In Vegas

Word must of gotten out about all the action Friday night as the fans in Las Vegas came out in full force last night and filled the stands with the largest crowd at this race track.


With all the drama in the Pro 4 race the question was how would the racers drive on Saturday. Would they go door to door and test the limits? Cooler heads prevailed and we got a good clean race. Bryce Menzies would get his first Pro 4 win of his career in front of his friends and family at his hometown track.


Rob MacCachren would lead the early part of the race by Menzies would take over the lead on lap 6 after Mac fell back to fourth giving up the lead. From there Menzies kicked it into an extra gear and would lead the rest of the race until the checkered flag flew. Doug Fortin who has struggled as of late used the momentum of grabbing top qualifier earlier in the day and fought his way to a second place finish, with General Tire teammate Carl Renezeder rounding out the podium.


Pro 4 Results
1. Bryce Menzies
2. Doug Fortin
3. Carl Renezeder

Adding to his points chase Jerett Brooks took home the win in Prolite yesterday. After a third place the night before, Brooks would shrink the points gap between him and RJ Anderson and going into Lake Elsinore its coming down to the wire on who will take home gold. It took only three laps for Brooks to take over the lead, and like he’s done all year, once he takes it, he never gives it up.


Brandon Arthur who won Round 15 would finish second place adding to his season podium count, and third place went to Brock Heger who would stand on top of the box for his second time this season.

Prolite Results
1. Jerett Brooks
2. Brandon Arthur
3. Brock Heger

Ending out the weekend was Pro 2 and after coming off his first win in Pro 4 earlier in the night, Bryce Menzies double downed and stood on his roof for a second time taking home the win. Bryce would take the lead on the fifth lap on a picture perfect pass on Brian Deegan in the last turn that he setup in the turn before that. Setting up on an outside-in move the turn before, Menzies worked up enough momentum to take away the inside and pass Deegan cleanly. From there Menzies checked out taking home the win and making the points race that much more interesting.


The battle behind Menzies was also exciting to watch with Rob Mac, Deegan, Patrick Clark and Keegan Kincaid all bumper to bumper for the last 10 laps, racing hard but clean. In the end only two more drivers could finish on the podium and those two would be Rob Mac and Kincaid.


Pro 2 Results
1. Bryce Menzies
2. Rob MacCachren
3. Keegan Kincaid

Going into the final round of the year next month in Lake Elsinore no championships are set which means there will be some exciting racing going on to decide who takes home the crown. Oh and did we also mention that its the Challenge Cup with Pro 2 and Pro 4’s racing against each other?

Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography